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  1. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Schneider 43mm XL Digitar in Arca R mount w/ center filter

    Schneider 43mm XL Digitar lens in Arca-Swiss R mount, with Schneider center filter: Asking price is $1,995. Price includes USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees. Lightly used. My best guess is less than 500 shots taken with it. Comes with original box, caps, filter pouch, focus guide chart and...
  2. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Phase One / Mamiya lenses: 55 LS, 80 LS, 210, 75-150 zoom

    I am selling four Mamiya 645 / Phase One mount autofocus lenses. Schneider 55mm LS: Asking price is $1,395. This includes USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees. Barely used. Comes in original box with caps and hood. Link to photos: Schneider 80mm LS: Asking...
  3. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 & 28mm Summicron M

    I am selling my Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) camera and 28mm f/2 Summicron M ASPH lens. M Monochrom: Asking price is $4,895. This includes USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees. The camera has been very gently used. I estimate that it has around 3,500 actuations. Comes in the original box with...
  4. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Mamiya 200/2.8 APO, 80/1.9 N, 150/2.8, 2X N, H adapter

    Mamiya M645 200mm f/2.8 APO lens, complete with hood, original caps, box and instructions. Excellent condition. Asking $795. Photos are here: Mamiya M645 150mm f/2.8 A lens, with original rear cap and generic front cap. Good cosmetic condition. Glass is clean...
  5. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Phase/Mamiya Schneider PC-TS 120mm APO-Digitar

    Schneider PC-TS 120mm f/5.6 APO-Digitar HM Aspheric lens for Phase/Mamiya, with box and instructions. Practically new condition. Asking $3,495. I'm located in Boston, MA. Photos are here:
  6. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: Profoto Acute D4 head

    I had an Inspector Clouseau moment a few days ago, and I broke one of my D4 heads. I'm looking to pick up a used head to replace it, so if you have something to offer, please let me know. Thanks. --Mark
  7. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: Firewire 800 CF card reader

    Anybody have a Firewire 800 Compact Flash card reader gathering dust? Let me know! --Mark
  8. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: Leica 28mm Summicron M

    I'm looking for a 28mm Summicron with caps and hood. The plan is to do a little consolidation and sell my 35mm Summicron (IV) and 24mm Elmarit. So, a trade is possible involving these lenses. Thanks, --Mark
  9. MarkSaperstein

    Olympic National Park in April

    I'm going to make a quick 2-day trip around Olympic National Park in mid-April. I welcome any suggestions you might have.
  10. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: Phase DF camera & 55mm LS lens

    I'm interested in buying a Phase One DF camera and 55mm LS lens. Please PM me if you have something to offer. I'm traveling at the moment, so there will likely be a delay in my response. Thanks, --Mark
  11. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: Leica 35mm Summicron pre-asph

    I'm looking for a pre-asph Leica 35mm Summicron. Version III or IV preferred. I'm not concerned about cosmetics as long as the glass is clean and scratch-free. Let me know what you've got! Thanks, --Mark
  12. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Leica 75mm Summilux 6-bit

    I'm selling a Leica 75mm f/1.4 Summilux M lens with 6-bit coding. My asking price is $2,795. I'll cover ground shipping in the US, but not PayPal fees if you need to use it. I can also ship internationally. It comes with original caps and the leather pouch. You can see photos here...
  13. MarkSaperstein

    FS: 3 Mamiya 645 AF lenses, 300 APO, 210 ULD, 150

    I'm selling three Mamiya 645 AF lenses that never seem to make it into my bag. The prices listed include USA shipping and PayPal fees. SOLD * AF APO 300mm f/4.5 IF * $1,049 You can see photos here: As you can see, there is some paint loss...
  14. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Leica M8u kit w/grip, filters, sd cards $2795

    I'm selling my trusty Leica M8 which has been upgraded with the new shutter and framelines. My asking price is $2,795 (free USA shipping, PayPal fees extra). You can see photos here: Included with the camera: box instruction book Leica...
  15. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: old SD cards

    I'm looking for old SD cards. Any size is OK - 500mb or 1gb would be ideal. Please take a look in your closet and let me know what you find! Thanks, --Mark
  16. MarkSaperstein

    Seeking donations for youth photography workshop

    Dear GetDPI friends, With the gracious permission of Guy and Jack, I am writing to solicit donations for a youth photography workshop I will be teaching this summer. We are looking for digital point & shoot cameras and memory cards for 15 students. If you have an older p&s camera lying...
  17. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Mamiya 55-110mm & 105-210mm AF

    Since I got the 75-150 D zoom I haven't been using the 55-110 and 105-210, so they are up for sale. Priced for a quick sale. I'm asking $500 for the 55-110mm and $550 for the 105-210mm, plus shipping and fees (if any). Photos are here and here...
  18. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Horseman SW-D II Pro w/ 35mm lens

    I'm selling my Horseman SW-D II Pro tech camera with the Rodenstock APO-Sironar digital 35mm f/4.5 lens and viewfinder. I'll include an adapter for either Hasselblad H or Mamiya 645 mount backs. Asking price is $3,400. You can see photos here: There is a light...
  19. MarkSaperstein

    WTB: Mamiya 35mm AF lens & Lee filters

    I'm looking for a Mamiya 645 35mm AF lens with caps and hood. Also looking for a Lee filter holder and graduated ND filters. Also also looking for 58mm and 77mm B+W multi-coated circular polarizers. Thanks. --Mark
  20. MarkSaperstein

    FS: Phase One P25+ Mamiya mount

    I am selling my Phase One P25+ Mamiya mount back. Asking price is $7,900. I purchased the back from Guy last year. I recently moved up to the P45+, so the P25+ needs to find a new home. The shot count is 18,435. Warranty has expired. Comes with hard case, double charger, several batteries...