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    FS: Leica Universal Polarizing Filter

    Cased, with 39, 46 & 49mm adapters. In Exc + condition. $285 including shipping & PayPal fees. PayPal only. US only. Please respond by PM.
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    FS: Luigi Leicatime Genius Strap for SL

    Black. I bought this strap for another forum member. He had ordered it made 130-131 cm., which is longer than Luigi's normal length. It's comfortable but too long for me. Asking $110 including PayPal fees and shipping. Continental US only.
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    Posts with images not appearing?

    I posted a couple of images to the Fun with Leica SL thread today, and neither of them appeared.
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    LUT for SL log footage?

    I've started testing SL footage using the Da Vinci Resolve application. The best LUT I've found in there is the Sony SLog3SGamut3.CineToSLog2-709. What are other people using? This is cross-poted to LUF.
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    Site comment

    On the mobile version of the site, I.e., the version I am viewing on my iPad, the left column of the Leica forum is wide and empty, relatively useless, while the middle column, which has all the thread information, is scrunched together.
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    WTB: Thumbs Up for M

    WTB Thumbs Up for M, in black. PM me.
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    Epson printer incorrectly reporting ink level

    My Epson 3880 is about two years old. This year, twice now, it appeared that the Photo Black ink was totally clogged. The remaining ink indicator showed about 50% remaining. Both times, after running several cleaning cycles to no avail, I removed the cartridge and saw it was empty. FWIW...
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    WTB Leica Vario-Elmar-R 35-70 f4

    PM me
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    Match Technical Soft Releases

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    RX100M3 XAVC-S question

    Hi... is anyone using this video format on this camera? If so, are you using any converter to convert the media to .mxf or ProRes? Thanks for any info../
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    LTM Steinheil Munchen Culminar 8.5 cm f/2.8

    I bought this lens from the Buy and Sell a while back, used it for some test shots, and soon acquired an older Nikkor 8.5cm lens. I paid $200 and will sell for $140 shipped within the continental US. Below is the ad from the seller I bought from. PM me for photos if interested. _______...
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    Monochrom Image Problem

    Has anyone seen anything that looks like this?
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    Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera?

    Anyone here interested in this camera? What are your thoughts on both prime and zoom lenses for it?
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    FS: Stroboframe QuickFlip 120

    For Sale: Tiffen Quickflip 120 stroboframe. $35 shipped continental US only. Paypal only. QUICK FLIP 120 BRACKET Please PM if interested.
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    WTB 90mm macro-elmar without goggles

    WTB 90mm macro-elmar without goggles please pm me
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    Question about SFEX supplied with MM

    Hi all, I just installed the Nik Silver Efex software that is supplied with the MM. The software installed as a helper application for LightRoom but not for Photoshop. Isn't it possible to use it with PS?
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    SanDisk card failure after deleting shots

    I use class 10 SanDisk 8 gb cards. For more than two years I used just one of these cards in an M9 without problem. When the MM arrived I bought the same card. However, in two months I've had two cards fail, and both of these failures occurred immediately after I deleted some shots. I...
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    Bryce Bayer dies

    Bryce Bayer, inventor of the Bayer filter, died on November 13, NY Times reported two days ago obituary
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    SOLD: Bare Bones Bag EVOLUTION, BBB-E, Black.

    The Bare Bones Bag EVOLUTION, BBB-E. Black, just recently purchased, but selling because it doesn't fit my needs. (It's hard to determine what bag will be good for you without actually having the bag in hand!) $95 including shipping anywhere within continental U.S. Sold: thanks getdpi!