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  1. guphotography

    Tethering old Hasselblad CF back with Macbook pro, any idea how?

    Hi folks, I got my hands on an old CF 39MS back, wanting to try out the multishot function, but couldn't work out how to tether it to USB C port on macbook pro, last 15" version. Any advice please? I'd imaging a powered adapter would be the answer, but is such a thing exist? Firewire to USB C...
  2. guphotography

    Remove lens from Alpa or similar mount

    I recently acquired a SK 90 which came in an unfamiliar mount, very similar to Alpa. How can I remove the lens from it so I can use it with my Arca please? I removed the lens from the box shaped mount, but it still has the focus ring mounted on, with only three tiny screws along the distance...
  3. guphotography

    SOLD: Fujifilm GFX 50R Boxed with extras, Pentax D-FA 645 35mm lens, Hasselblad CF 50mm FLE F4, Kipon, Fotodiox TS, Canon EF to GFX AF Adapter UK

    ALL SOLD After some extensive tests, I'm leaving Fujifilm GFX system for digital back with tech cam. All items are well cared for, always kept inside a Nanuk case. Everything I bought new is still as good as new, all boxed with original accessories and paperwork. 1) Fujifilm GFX 50R...
  4. guphotography

    FS: Phase One P45+ Digital Back Hasselblad H mount Excellent condition UK

    30,738 shots, mostly used in studio environment, comes with metal cover, charger and two batteries, heavy duty phase one hard case. Excellent condition, still hailed as the king of long exposure, now a bargain even as a backup back! £2250 plus shipping, will post worldwide at actual cost.
  5. guphotography

    SOLD: Schneider APO Digitar 35mm XL with centre filter in Alpa mount in UK

    SOLD I have a mint condition Schneider APO Digitar 35mm XL lens in Alpa mount, complete with centre filter. £2350 including all fees and shipping within EU, I only ship with UPS/DPD/DHL, so item reaches you secure and fast.
  6. guphotography

    FS: Schneider super symmar 80mm xl f4.5 lens with centre filter in UK

    I have for sale a Schneider super symmar 80mm xl in excellent condition, complete with centre filter. Shipping via UPS/DHL/DPD, secure and fast. £1300 including paypal fees and shipping within EU, I'm happy to discount it with alternative payment method, providing less fee on my side.
  7. guphotography

    Schneider Apo Digitar 90mm 4.5 vs Sinaron Digital / Rodenstock Apo Sironar Digital 90mm 5.6

    Hi guys, I couldn't find much user report on the sk 90mm digitar in the archive, but do have a good idea on the Rodenstock version. Has anyone used both that can share some comments? My understanding so far is that both are excellent performers, both are symmetric design, Rodie/Sinar has...
  8. guphotography

    FS: Arca Swiss M Two M2 MF camera, Rotaslide 6x9 sliding back, Hasselblad V adapter, Binocular reflex viewer, fresnel ground glass

    I'm consolidating a few items to slim down what I carry. 1) Arca Swiss M line two MF camera, like new, serviced and laser aligned by Arca Swiss last year, only used once since, £2500 2) Arca Swiss Rotaslide sliding back 6x9, £800 3) Hasselblad V mount digital back adapter plate, non N standard...
  9. guphotography

    WTB: Canon 50mm TS-E Lens

    I'm looking to add this lens to my bag, let me know if you have one for sale please. Thanks Gu
  10. guphotography

    WTB: Arca Swiss Canon Aperture Control panel 110 x 110

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a Canon aperture control panel / plate for Arca Swiss F universalis. Let me know if you have one for sale please. Cheers Gu
  11. guphotography

    WTB: Schneider 43mm or 47mm Apo Digitar XL lens

    Let me know what you have for sale please, with or without centre filter, thanks! Regards Gu
  12. guphotography

    GFX 50R vs IQ160 for architecture

    Hi folks, I hope this topic hasn't been discussed previously, since I couldn't find an answer to satisfy my curiosity. Here are my background information. I've been working with 50R (from A7R III) for architecture and interior work, use Canon 24mm TSE II, Pentax 645 D FA 35mm and Hasselblad...
  13. guphotography

    FS: Arca Swiss 6x9 digital back Hasselblad V adapter non N standard

    I'm selling a non N-standard V mount adapter for arca swiss 6x9 system, compatible with F line, M line and R line cameras. Excellent condition, always kept inside a Peli 1600 case. New price €678 or $799 USD, I'm asking £450, €500 or $600, plus shipping.
  14. guphotography

    FS: Price Drop! Kipon Pro Tilt Shift T/S Adapter Pentax 645 to Fuji GFX Mint Boxed

    I'm selling my rarely used TS adapter as I mainly use the shift adapter instead, for architecture. One thing I will miss is where the foot allows you to mount a lens plate, which in turn allows you to change camera orientation without taking it off the tripod, it is also much better balanced...
  15. guphotography

    WTB: Arca Swiss F Universalis 6x9

    Let me know if you are thinking about selling yours, thanks.
  16. guphotography

    WTB: good condition copal 0 shutter with ret

    I'm after a copal 0 shutter with aperture f4.5 to f45, prefer the later version with all black finish, preferably with retaining ring, too.
  17. guphotography

    FS: UK Rodenstock APO Sironar Digital 55mm F4.5 Wide Angle Lens

    Almost mind condition, very minor signs of use, perfect optics, all working as it should. £775, free UK postage, will ship worldwide at cost.
  18. guphotography

    FS: UK Rodenstock APO Sironar Digital 45mm F4.5 Wide Angle Lens

    Close to mint condition, a stellar example, all working as it should. £850, free UK postage, will ship worldwide at cost.
  19. guphotography

    FS: UK Rodenstock APO Sironar Digital 135mm F5.6 Copal 0 Lens

    Excellent condition, lens has normal signs of use and storing in a bag, comes with both caps. £950, free UK postage, will ship worldwide at cost.
  20. guphotography

    WTB: Imacon/Hasselblad Flextight Scanner UK

    I'm after a good working condition/serviced flextight scanner in the UK. Let me know if you have one collecting dust and happy to hear from you. Cheers Gu