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  1. ErikKaffehr

    Hasselblad: Phocus Or Lightroom

    Hi, Lightroom is a DAM tool, with Phocus, I don't know. Lightroom has a lot of content aware processing that can be good or bad, owning to taste. There are plenty of tools for generating color profiles for Lightroom. With Phocus you get what Hasselblad thinks is good. If you have different...
  2. ErikKaffehr

    CFVii50c strange artefacts and pattern

    Hi, The steppers used for lithography usually have apertures around APS-H size. So, anything larger than APS-H needs to be stitched. The segments are not tiles, but exposed using different masks. So think that the stepper exposes one part of the sensor for all sensor on the wafer, switches to...
  3. ErikKaffehr

    GFX 50R vs IQ1 40 or IQ2 50

    The GFX has a few advantages: The GFX system is designed around the small sensor format. The GFX system uses the sensor focusing, that allows more accurate focusing. The GFX system has a focal plane shutter and a short flange distance, so it can be used with almost any legacy lens. The...
  4. ErikKaffehr

    GFX 50R vs IQ1 40 or IQ2 50

    Hi, You compare oranges to bananas. The DR numbers are taken from different sources using different methods.
  5. ErikKaffehr

    GFX100S shutter failure

    I don't think so. What I would think is that prototypes are extensively tested. But when production starts, there may arise some issues, parts arriving at the factory may be out of spec. Some assembly worker gets something wrong. I would think that Fujifilm will handle the issue well, but I...
  6. ErikKaffehr

    Be Careful with Your Digital Backs!!

    Hi Darr! Nice to hear your back is on way and that it was repaired at a what I think would be a reasonable cost. Also glad to hear that working with Hasselblad USA was a positive experience. Best regards Erik
  7. ErikKaffehr

    Be Careful with Your Digital Backs!!

    So, what is the state of things now? Kind regards Erik
  8. ErikKaffehr

    What is "composing in camera"?

    Essentially, I would mean that composing in the camera means that the photographer shoots the images with a clear concept of the final image in mind. For me, that doesn't mean avoid cropping and it can include combining several images. This image is a good example, it was shot as two images...
  9. ErikKaffehr

    Be Careful with Your Digital Backs!!

    Ouch, sad to hear! I wish your CVF 50-c a speedy and full recovery! Best regards Erik
  10. ErikKaffehr

    Raw histograms and raw converters

    Hi, Using RawDigger can be a learning experience Hi, My point was not that a raw analyzer is a necessary tool. Rather what I wanted to demonstrate was that histograms in raw developers show processed data. Some Phase One models have optional raw histograms and any user using any normal raw...
  11. ErikKaffehr

    Raw histograms and raw converters

    In a way, I would suggest that photographers interested in image quality would be interested in a tool for viewing the raw data. A good such tool is RawDigger. So, this shows a very small overexposed area. Seems to be ideal... Now, looking at the same image in Capture One at defaults the...
  12. ErikKaffehr

    Hate to ask but?

    Really Right Stuff Versa S33. Best regards Erik
  13. ErikKaffehr

    Has P1 defocused back upgrades to fund C1 R&D? And what does one pay for in C21 anyway?

    Hi, As far as I understand Phase One and Capture One are now two separate companies, both owned by the same investors. Best regards Erik
  14. ErikKaffehr

    Hasselblad 40mm F4 CFE or CFE IF ?

    That pleasure is on both sides! I would add, things can be look little different in some perspective. I have made many good images with the Distagon 40/4 CF FLE. When I get a new lens, I will check it for weaknesses. With time I may discover strengths. Just as an example, with the Distagon I...
  15. ErikKaffehr

    Hasselblad 40mm F4 CFE or CFE IF ?

    Hi, I didn't buy the 40/4 IF. With the 40/4 CF FLE, I tried shifting once with my Flexbody and the P45+, but I did not really find it useful. Below is a shift stitch on 24x36 mm -15,0,+15 mm shift.
  16. ErikKaffehr

    Erik Kaffehr, Nyköping, Sweden

    I am a retired engineer who used to work with simulators for training nuclear power plant operators. Photography is my hobby, dating back to 1970. My MFD experience is with a P45+ back on a Hasselblad 555/ELD that I was shooting from 2013-2015. Still have the gear, but it sees very little use...
  17. ErikKaffehr

    Hasselblad 40mm F4 CFE or CFE IF ?

    Hi Darr, I have the Distagon 40/4 CF FLE. Some images here, shot at f/4, f/8 and f/16: Here is another one with good detail...
  18. ErikKaffehr

    GFX 100 teardown at Lens Rentals

    It seems it is not shipping proof... Glad to see your is repaired after shipping damage! Best regards Erik
  19. ErikKaffehr

    GFX 100 teardown at Lens Rentals

    Pentax 645D used to be known to be though. I would guess 645Z, too. Best regards Erik