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  1. Frederic

    FS [EU] : Hasselblad XCD 35-75

    Our cultural heritage studio is selling some equipments to fund new video gear purchases. Among them is a XCD 35-75 in very good condition with only 500 exposures. It was meant to be used for quick reproduction jobs on location but this activity stalled last year. Bought new from the main french...
  2. Frederic

    WTB: small tech cam

    Looking to build a lightweight kit for architecture in the coming months, not settled on a specific brand yet. Models I'd consider : Alpa STC, Arca Factum, Cambo WRC 400 (or WRS 1200 / 1600 maybe). Not interested in Max, Rm3di, Universalis, Actus, etc I've owned Alpa and Arca tech cams, so...
  3. Frederic

    FS : Fujifilm GFX100, GF 32-64, GF 100-200, RRS, EF-GFX adapter

    Up for sale (or partial trade toward a H6D-100C system or back) : Fuji GFX100 body : working perfectly, minor scratches on the top (right side), LCD protected since day 1, comes with box and original accessories 6990 EUR (+ 20% VAT in the EU) Fuji GF 32-64 lens : very good to excellent...
  4. Frederic

    Feeler : WTT Fuji GFX100 for your H6D-100c

    Looking to switch back to a MFDB as I no longer need a compact high resolution system. I'm about to order a brand new CFV50 IIc but then the H6D-100c is tempting... This is probably a long shot but if someone is interested in discussing such a trade (back only would be ok too), let's talk ! I...
  5. Frederic

    FS : Fujifilm GF110 + EVF-TL1 adapter

    A superb lens in great condition. I'm about to get the 120 Macro so this one needs to find a new home. Asking 1500 EUR ex VAT net to me, or 1800 EUR incl VAT if you're a not a EU business (I can't ship outside the EU for now). Bank/wire transfer only, as Paypal offers no protection to sellers...
  6. Frederic

    WTB : Really Right Stuff X1D L-plate

    Looking for the so-called BX1D-L modular plates, currently backordered in the EU Make me an offer if you have for sale and willing to ship to France please. Payment through transferwise or Paypal preferred Thanks Frederic
  7. Frederic

    FS : Arca-swiss R-mount extensions for Canon lensboard

    Selling my R-mount extensions kit for Arca-Swiss R-line cameras, in very good condition. Consists of : - front extension (see ) - rear extension (see...
  8. Frederic

    FS : Phase One IQ3-100 in Mamiya mount

    Shooting less an less architecture these days, so up for sale is my last MFDB in excellent condition with less than 7500 actuations. It’s still under warranty till March 2022, with a free mount swap. Available early March, shipped from France. 16000 EUR net to me (+VAT for EU individuals)...
  9. Frederic

    FS: Rodenstock 70 HR Copal0 naked / Alpa mount / Arca R-mount

    In very good condition and perfectly working. - Naked lens : 2000 EUR - In Alpa SB17 mount : 2200 EUR This is a custom helical for a 65mm, so distance markings can't be relied on (live view needed). The lens focuses much closer than the regular version though, and reaches infinity (and...
  10. Frederic

    FS: Alpa STC / Mamiya 645 DB plate / adapters

    Selling the following items in very good condition : Alpa STC body, comes with a front cap and a dove tail tripod mount (410.000.320) 2500 EUR Alpa back adapter MA645AB, for Phase One and Leaf backs (190.030.018) 400 EUR Accessory adapter, with universal shoe (400.060.020) 50 EUR Alpa...
  11. Frederic

    FS/EU : Rodenstock Alpa HR Alpagon 32

    Selling some gear before I move. First one to go is a barely used, one year old, Rodenstock 32HR in Alpa SB17 mount in excellent condition. Comes with a metric HPF ring, caps and box. 6500 EUR net to me, price new last year was approximately 9000 EUR ex VAT. For EU individuals a 20% VAT will...
  12. Frederic

    WTB : Alpa bits

    Looking for the following bits : - 17mm tilt swing adapter (not the FPS version) - 17mm standard adapter - Rodie HR70 in SB17 mount (not the FPS version) or just the mount+helical - sync cord+release (mkII prefered) Please drop me a line if you have any of these and willing to sell. Thanks!
  13. Frederic

    [FS/FT] Leaf Aptus II-7 DB in Mamiya mount

    Looking to sell or trade my last Aptus back that sits unused in its pelicase. 36x48mm of fat pixels, with great colors and rendering out of the box. It can be used on Phase One/Mamiya AF/AFD/DF/DF+ or RZ67 bodies. It also works nicely with any tech cam out there! This version features the Leaf...
  14. Frederic

    FS : Phase One DF body - AF 55 2.8

    Selling my backup DF body, cosmetically in good condition and working perfectly. With its viewfinder masks, body caps and Phase One camera strap : 490 EUR Pics available here Mamiya AF 55 2.8 in good condition, with caps and lens hood : +290 EUR Pics here Prices are plus shipping (from...
  15. Frederic

    WTB : Mamiya RZ digital back adapter plate

    Looking for a Mamiya HX701 / PhaseOne 70994 adapter, if you have one around and are willing to sell please drop me a line. Thanks guys :salute: Frederic
  16. Frederic

    WTB : Phase One XF body

    Looking for a gently used XF, preferably in the EU and ideally with some warranty left. If interested I have a Rodenstock 70HR in Arca R-mount and a Sony A7rII that could be proposed in a partial trade. Thanks, Frederic
  17. Frederic

    FS : Arca-Swiss gear (Factum, Rodies, accessories,...)

    Hi there, For sale, preferably in the EU, the following Arca bits in very good to excellent condition : R-line camera - A/S Factum (ref 017369 ; new 3308) + handgrip (ref 0170243 ; new 272) + Variofinder holder (ref 017064 ; new 261) + cold shoe mount (ref 540207 ; new 74) : 2550 EUR - same...
  18. Frederic

    Tech cam adapter plate for Phase IQ3xx backs

    According to various Alpa resellers, a new adapter plate is needed for IQ3xx series backs to accommodate the additional powershare pins. It's a bit surprising since the Arca-Swiss standard Mamiya plate fits my IQ3100 perfectly, for instance. Can Alpa users please confirm that new XF plate is...
  19. Frederic

    FS [EU] : various Arca Swiss universalis/M2/6x9/dslr bits

    Hi guys, Selling the following A/S bits : - Canon EF-mount lensboard with aperture control, like new : 650 EUR (new 890) - Wide angle bellow 6x9 - Dslr + Sony bayonet mount, like new : 300 EUR (new 411)...
  20. Frederic

    WTB (EU) : Leaf Aptus II-12 in Mamiya mount

    Please make an offer, thanks.