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  1. douglasf13

    Olympus F1.8 25mm boxed lens review

    I've not shot the Panasonic 25/1.4, and I just received the Olympus 25/1.8, but, from everything I've read, the Panasonic is slightly better in the center at wide apertures, but the Olympus has better corners throughout the aperture range. I've also read that the T stops of the two lenses is...
  2. douglasf13

    Fujifilm X-T1 vs. Leica T

    It's pretty cool that Fuji allows for shading, distortion and vignetting correction with adapter M lenses. That being said, the real issue with M lenses, which can't be fixed with software, is corner smearing, and there's been evidence in the past that the X-trans sensor doesn't handle it as...
  3. douglasf13

    The A7r versus MFDB

    I'm not so sure, because the 16bits in MFDB is pretty much a marketing thing: Digital Medium Format / 35mm equiv difference - FM Forums That being said, the A7R's raw files are compressed, and that could be the difference. They are essentially what the "cRAW" option used to be on the A900.
  4. douglasf13

    X-E2 and X-T1 finally supported by Aperture

    With Aperture, you get less of the painterly look of Adobe, but, in its place, you get these odd areas of green/purple color artifacts with little speckles. You can see it a bit in the tree at the top left of Dave's 100% view window.
  5. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    I forgot to mention above that I think Accuraw is still probably the best option for the X-T1, since I know Jono is a Mac user. Accuraw allows you to adjust the demoisacing routine to fit the situation, which is a great option for X-trans files.
  6. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    The comments from Joakim are not outdated, because they are primarily in regards to the inherent trade offs of the cfa scheme, rather than simply due to raw converter issues. He said that, even with perfect raw conversion, X-Trans can't reach more than 50% of Bayer's chroma resolution. The...
  7. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    Sorry, I linked the wrong link for the recent thread comparing Bayer and X-trans: Fujifilm X-Trans Infinity Scene RAW Processing Comparison - FM Forums FWIW, Joakim's opinion about X-trans hasn't changed since those threads, and his statements about the cfa arrangement won't change, anyways...
  8. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    These posts by Joakim "theSuede" sum things up nicely. He works in the industry and is probably among the most knowledgeable tech guys on just about any camera forum, so he's a good guy to ask. You could probably send him your questions directly. X-Pro 1 tested by Pop Photo - FM Forums My...
  9. douglasf13

    X-T1 -- worth its money, because

    I was referring to the X-T1's diopter sucking in dust. I have no idea if that is happening like with the X100. I've heard and seen examples of the X-T1's side port light leaks, but I don't own the camera, so I can't speak to it, myself.
  10. douglasf13

    Black X100s

    I believe the X100s only does 1080p at 30 or 60fps, and the X100 does 720p at 24fps.
  11. douglasf13

    X-T1 -- worth its money, because

    Oh, I'm sure the X-T1 is fine in that regard. As I mentioned in another thread, I saw a teardown of the X100, and it is not exactly the highest quality build (hopefully the light leak situation with the X-T1 doesn't indicate bigger issues.) You can actually stick something thin and long into...
  12. douglasf13

    X-T1 -- worth its money, because

    To be fair, the diopter adjustment wheel on the X100 is a major source of dust getting into the camera, so that could be why Fuji left it out on the X-Pro1, and went with the Leica-style screw in diopters. I have the diopter wheel on my X100 taped up to keep dust out of the viewfinder and camera.
  13. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    I've tested C1, LR, Accuraw, Aperture, Iridient and the camera jpegs, and I wasn't really thrilled with any of it (Accuraw seemed best, since the conversion process is adjustable.) C1 doesn't have the artifact issues of Aperture, but there also isn't as much detail. It seems somewhere between...
  14. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    I certainly hope you're not bothered by any IQ weirdness, because it really seems that the XT-1 and lens lineup is about is good as it gets in a mirroless camera system these days.
  15. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    If it were an issue with grain, tonality, etc., I'd agree, but my X-Trans camera's files issues and general look, particularly in my usual converter choice of LR or Aperture, are my least favorite looking files that I've had since getting into digital. I've been shooting the X100 over the RX1...
  16. douglasf13

    Tips for Raw Processing with the Fuji X-T1

    Hi, Jono. I thought I liked Aperture enough that I moved my whole workflow over from LR last year, but then I started noticing all of these little speckle-y dots in X-Trans problem areas, and then these pretty obvious purple/green artifacts were showing up on some situations. See here...
  17. douglasf13

    Fuji X-T1 - Greens and jpg files - help please?

    I struggled with the X100s' IQ last year, Jono, and it becomes an endless loop of trying converter X,Y,Z with settings 1,2,3. Ultimately, what we've got is a sliding scale from painterly smoothness (like from the jpegs and LR) to more details with artifacts (like Iridient) to some combination...
  18. douglasf13

    The cheapest X body option?

    If you're looking really cheap, I've seen the X-A1 in blue go for $299 new in box on ebay. It has a regular Bayer CMOS, rather than X-Trans, which some consider to be a good thing, but YMMV.
  19. douglasf13

    Black X100s

    Cool camera! You might try a smaller soft release, if you're having problems. I use a small one from "Cam-In" on ebay that is really small and low profile, and I don't have issues with it catching on anything. I actually just bought a couple of the older black X100 limiteds that I found...
  20. douglasf13

    Speculation : Sony MF system

    The sensors in most of Fuji's X cameras are simply Sony sensors with Fuji's unique (I'm personally not a fan) X-trans CFA on top, and the X100 and XA-1 are regular Bayer on a Sony sensor. This isn't any different from Nikon, Ricoh, etc. who also use their own CFAs on top of Sony sensors. If...