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    Tethered shooting in the field

    Indeed; an ingenious way to spread the force placed at those points on the legs. Thanks, Alex
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    Tethered shooting in the field

    Thanks for the details; are the tripod leg reinforcement collars part of the Proaim kit (Proaim LT Universal Laptop Workstation for Tethered Shooting), or something of your own devisement? Cheers, Alex
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    Difficulty Dupliating Flat Artwork

    Thanks for the breakdown of your process Christopher, Being less than 1mm thick, what do you mount the PTFE sheet onto (in order to maintain its rigidity yet not interfere with its neutral spectral properties)? thanks, Alex
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    H5D 50 (CCD) sample 3fr file

    Found one, Thanks, Alex
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    H5D 50 (CCD) sample 3fr file

    I managed to get hold of an .fff file but it no longer contained the info needed - it seems I need a .3fr (off camera) version file. Thanks for looking, Alex
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    H5D 50 (CCD) sample 3fr file

    Hi everyone, Would anyone with an H5D-50/200 (CCD not CMOS), have time to generously share a sample 3fr file? The subject matter/ images isn't of importance (could be a closed lens cap!), it more the the file header itself that I'm looking for. Thank you! Alex
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    HTS 1.5 with X1D

    Hi, I use the X/H adapters' supporting collar to attach to the tripod mount and take the load of the H system optics. Unfortunately the externals of the adapters haven't been that well designed insomuchas they do...