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  1. J

    WTB: Rollei/Leaf/Sinar Hy6 Filmback with Adapter

    I bought my Leaf AFi without a film back and have been looking for the back adapter to connect either 4650 or 6060 film back to shoot film on my system. I have been unable to find one for sale anywhere without buying the full camera setup. It doesn't matter which film back you have for sale I...
  2. J

    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Great find! Hope you love the camera! I am jealous that you have a film back & adapter, as I have been searching for an adapter but they are hard to come by. I'm till looking for a DB.
  3. J

    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    No worries!
  4. J

    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    PM replied. Thanks!
  5. J

    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Hi, WTB: I am looking for a digital back in AFi/HY6 mount. I am currently looking for a back for my AFi Camera. Just getting back into Medium format with the camera that originally made me fall in love with the format. I am hoping someone has a back they may want to sell at a reasonable...