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  1. cgastelum

    WTB: Alpa 35 4.0 Copal (Mint)

    I have one as part of my Alpa STC setup that I have for sale, I can sell the lens separately if you are interested. you can see the photos in my listing
  2. cgastelum

    ALPA STC + ALPAR 35mm F4 + Hasselblad 907x + Accesories

    I'll add that picture later tonight, I haven't used the body in a while so it is in the Hasselblad box.
  3. cgastelum

    ALPA STC + ALPAR 35mm F4 + Hasselblad 907x + Accesories

    Price reduced for the set. $11,500.00 I am also willing to sell in parts, make me an offer. I'm moving soon and would like to find a new home for this kit
  4. cgastelum

    ALPA STC + ALPAR 35mm F4 + Hasselblad 907x + Accesories

    It is with a heavy heart that I'm listing this camera, but I just started my own business and need to free some funds. 01. - ALPA 12 STC with synthetic grip, wrist strap, neck strap, Tripod plate and vertical stitching plate and Body cap 02. ALPAR 35mm F4. LB + 17mm Adapter (I use it for...
  5. cgastelum

    Hasselblad 503cw kit

    Added photos
  6. cgastelum

    Hasselblad 503cw kit

    I know I'll regret this, but I never get to use it. Hasselblad 503cw with standard winding handle, older waist level finder and CF 80mm F2.8 PM51 metered finder with magnification adapter Winder with IR remote Extension tubes. A12 back C12 Back Strap Whole set for $4500.00
  7. cgastelum

    WTB: Alpa Mount Schneider Lens

    have you seen this listing? I have not bought from them before, but I was looking for a 35mm a while ago and found them online
  8. cgastelum

    Alpa - Hasselblad - Leica

  9. cgastelum

    Alpa - Hasselblad - Leica

    I'll be away until 10/16, responses to emails might be delayed. Sales will happen after I'm back.
  10. cgastelum

    Alpa - Hasselblad - Leica

    Updates, added items and photos
  11. cgastelum

    Alpa - Hasselblad - Leica

  12. cgastelum

    Alpa - Hasselblad - Leica

    Updated availability, added items and price reductions
  13. cgastelum

    Alpa - Hasselblad - Leica

    Selling some equipment: ALPA: SOLD: 1. Alpa Schneider Apo Digitar 100mm F5.6 = $1500.00 2. Alpa leather neck strap = $150.00 3. Alpa cold shoe adapter with Mamiya 2x3 50mm viewfinder.= $250.00 REDUCED: 4. Alpar 35mm F4 = $3750.00 HASSELBLAD: SOLD: 1. Hasselblad HC 100mm F2.2 , with...
  14. cgastelum

    SOLD: Phase One IQ3 100 Acromatic (only 625 actuations, original warranty 02/2023)

    :cry: I really want this, but I run out of things to sell to make it happen.... I hope someone grabs it fast
  15. cgastelum

    positive feedback for Geoff

    I would like to add also my possitive review for Geoff. We did not end up going through with the transaction, but he went out of his way to give me information, share images and make recommendations. He raised the standard for me on how to do sales and trades on this site
  16. cgastelum

    FS: ALPA HR ALPAGON 4.0/40mm FPS Mount with Adapter

    I was hoping to buy this lens for months but couldn't find it at a price as good as this one.... I ended up buying a Alpar35mm and I'm happy with it. But this lens at this price makes me think if there's anyting else I can sell in order to buy it.
  17. cgastelum

    WTB: Rodenstock Apo-Sironar Digital 35mm f/4.5

    Hi Will, I am not sure if this is the same lens but check Chapterlux: it seems to be the same lens on Alpa mount. I haven't bought from Chapterlux myself but they have been very good at answering my questions.
  18. cgastelum

    Case / Protection for 907x

    If the camera turns on by accident while in your bag, and your lens can't move the front element (becuase it might be resting against it).... you might end up like me having to send your lens to Hasselblad to get it fixed. It didn't take long for the repair and it was still under warranty. but...
  19. cgastelum

    Billingham Bag, Gnarbox, Polaroid and more

    ALL SOLD, Except the polaroid... If anyone in NYC wants a free Polaroid camera or 2, please let me know this weeked otherwise it's going to goodwill