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  1. Jan

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Kodak Hawkeye - Kodak Ektar 100
  2. Jan

    Recommendations for medium format SLR

    Intimidating to many, the Mamiya Universal, or newer Super 23, is an extreme versatile system. What's more, you can built yourself a serious good kit without breaking the bank. Lenses range from 50 until 250mm and available film formats are 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9.
  3. Jan

    FS: Minolta AF APO Tele 200 F2.8 G Lens

    Where are you located?
  4. Jan

    LA-EA5, a mirrorless adapter that AF's old(er) screw drive lenses

    Thank you very much for putting these together! The member also mentioned the lenses 24 and 28 which i have in my arsenal. The sample images i have seen at the above mentioned links are showing very decent results in my opinion; obviously they are not at full resolution and likely when compared...
  5. Jan

    LA-EA5, a mirrorless adapter that AF's old(er) screw drive lenses

    Thanks, much appreciated and very good results if you ask me. It confirms my suspicion a lot of talk on social media is a load of crap, let alone the lens list that goes round detailing which lenses performing very good until very poor on the a7r4. I understand of course that older lenses will...
  6. Jan

    LA-EA5, a mirrorless adapter that AF's old(er) screw drive lenses

    Looked through all the pages but hardly any - if any - images from the a7r4 with LA-EA5 and Minolta AF glass.
  7. Jan

    LA-EA5, a mirrorless adapter that AF's old(er) screw drive lenses

    Thanks, Mike! I had a quick look and it seems a mixed bag but will make time to read closer.
  8. Jan

    LA-EA5, a mirrorless adapter that AF's old(er) screw drive lenses

    I am curious to see images from the A7r4 with the 5 adapter and Minolta AF glass. Anyone that has samples to share?
  9. Jan

    Fun with Sony Cameras 2021

    The two workers at the end, observing you; priceless ...!
  10. Jan

    Fun with Sony Cameras 2021

    I'm not sure about 'Epson RGB' but the colour setting for the web should indeed be RGB. All my screens are calibrated and the images you have posted are extremely saturated, especially when compared to images posted by other members.
  11. Jan

    Hasselblad Advice - Older digital backs

    In addition, the P25+ is the little brother of the P45+. Same features except the size of the output file.
  12. Jan

    SOLD: Hasselblad 907X Camera + CFV II 50c Digital Back (50MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS Sensor)

    I take it you only ship within the US?
  13. Jan

    Apple M1, a revolution in the making?

    For those considering a switch, better look at your software dependency. There was a reason why Apple went Intel silicon years ago.
  14. Jan

    Are the Epsons really as bad as the reviews?

    If you wish to give up the will to live, get a Canon 9500 MKii. I have an Epson L6170 for office work and it can do a serious punch above its weight for photo printing. Once this whole virus thingy is gone and photography picks up again i will seriously consider getting an Epson.
  15. Jan

    Carl Zeiss ZX1

    There is also a camera called RX1 by Sony which is incredible good with a CZ lens and price wise much more attractive than the Leica and ZX1. For 6K I'm not game and might as well get back another Sony or stay on the fence.
  16. Jan

    Carl Zeiss ZX1

    A long while ago - in another Galaxy - i signed up for an update re. the release of the CZ ZX1. This weekend the option to pre-order arrived in my inbox. 6,000 USD. Now let that number sink in for a while. 6,000 USD. I have no doubts it is a great camera but something tells me for that money...
  17. Jan

    Jan, KL Malaysia

    I'm Jan, of Dutch origin but living in the outskirts of KL Malaysia for the last 15 years. Not a photographer by trade but a certified photojournalist. Professionally i work in the data centre industry and if you wish you to know about that in terms of training and audit, let me know. I have a...
  18. Jan

    What's the most dangerous and unusual place you have ever photographed?

    Although the wild life in South Africa should not be underestimated, if you use your common sense it is most probably a safer place compared to photographing in Johannesburg. That said, visiting one of the parks driving through the gated lion area, the backseat window fell into the door. That...
  19. Jan

    Please say HI here

    Not exactly new to the forum but I was wondering if you are the same Olaf as the one i see in a fb group. Well, i lurked for quite a while until i became a member. From Dutch origin i live in SEA for the last 15 years, Malaysia to be specific. Got my first camera when i was a in pre-school. Had...
  20. Jan

    Phase One P25+ - V-mount Hasselblad