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    Sigma DP3 Merrill - best of shots

    Good old Merrills. I still have all three of them and this thread reminded me to dust them off and use them more in 2021. In their comfort zones, still nothing can touch them. Two shots from Valencia in 2013.
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    Fuji GFX 50r vs Sony A7Riv

    Toddlers? Mine is 18 months and fast but the A7rIV's eye AF does its job reliably.
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    Fujifilm X100V

    Not to forget the built in flash, leaf shutter and flash sync speed.
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    You know the saying. Don't try to catch falling knifes. L-mount prices will head only one way. On paper the L-mount alliance convinces. In reality though, size and weight of what they want an aging FF camera customer base to lug around will hardly find a lot of buyers.
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    A system is made by the sum of its parts. The sensor is just one to consider. I gave the X-trans sensors a chance, more than once. But the results never convinced me. But maybe it was just my pp incompetence or unwillingness to jump though extra loops to squeeze the max out of its raw files.
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    My Take on the new Leica SL2

    There ain't no manufacturers of complex products fully backwards integrated anymore. Maybe it's time for some relaxant? But bear in mind, the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) of US/EU or whatever branded pharmaceutical might very well be made in India or China.:ROTFL:
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    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Be warned Porsche GAS is as incurable as Leica GAS is:grin:
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    Fun with the Ricoh GR III

    It's a small world (RX100V). I prefer your composition and the Ricoh's file, though.
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    Jono's review is up

    Comments you want? Instead of writing about pretty much every make and model in almost all posts in which gear is being discussed and speculating about switching from A to B to C I'd buy and try all of them to then choose the one I really wanted and sell the rest. Costly of course, but...
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    A7r IV

    My vacuum cleaner is a robot. I call him Joe. He learned our floorplan in 2 training days. Since then he does the job reliably, never asks for a raise, for a vacation, for better working conditions, never calls in for sick days. I wished there was as good a solution for cleaning large windows...
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    Ricoh GR III - anyone else getting excited?

    And for MC cliche:
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    Ricoh GR III - anyone else getting excited?

    Ok, it works:cool:. Sharp optics (we did not expect less from Ricoh, did we), lots of micro contrast, quite nice jpegs, great high contrast B&W setting, and 24MP of aps-c resolution in a shirt pocket as the icing on the cake. Just a few random snaps from Monte Carlo taken before going into a...
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    Ricoh GR III - anyone else getting excited?

    I received the GRIII two days ago but could only play around with it in the living room so far. First impressions are positive with built quality comparable to the GRII. Touch screen works smooth and touch-focus or touch-focus-shoot options are very useful. Start up time is considerably faster...
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    The Leica Q2

    Alternatively they could bring a Q2 sibling with a 40 f2 (or 35) and a wide angle converter.
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    The Leica Q2

    Thanks Jono for an excellent review of a convincing Leica. I wished it had a f2 or faster 35mm lens & wide angle converter.....:cry:
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    Sigma DP3M

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    Sigma DP3M

    Valencia, Spain.
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    Olympus roadmap

    10-40mm, smart move Olympus, smart move. A zoom range from a useful wide "21" to 80mm, perfect for many uses. :clap: And that 2.0 converter breathes a second life into the 40-150mm 2.8. These two zooms plus converter cover an equivalent 20-600mm, not too shabby, really not.
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    Farewell Leica...

    ........ looking forward to your "Hello" to the MF discussions......🤓
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    New Olympus High End m43 Camera

    But before the second generation Nikon will be "rolled out", Sony will already have substantially improved A7/9 versions in the market.:cry::rolleyes: And then there is the ever growing number of e-mount lenses from Sony, Zeiss, Tamron, Sigma, Voigtlander.....