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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Nathan, that is my experience as well - Phocus doesn't leave that sprinkling of red, green and blue pixels across the exposure, while that happens all the time in LR4/5. Can't explain why, but Adobe obviously hasn't got the converter right just yet.
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    WTB: Canon 50mm f1.2 LTM lens hood with case

    If anyone's got one for sale, please contact me, thanks!
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    FOUND: RRS B49L L bracket for XPan I/II

    Been looking for one for ages. If you have any good leads to one, do let me know, thanks!
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    WTB: L bracket for Xpan

    The one I have currently doesn't fit the standard Arca Swiss QR. Seems to be much smaller. As such, I'm looking for an L bracket for the Xpan with a standard QR plate size.
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    Linhof Super Technika, 90mm SA f8 MC and 150mm Nikkor W

    Been shooting with the Linhof for awhile. Works like a charm, and Tim is a great guy to buy from!
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    WTT: H4D-40 for H2 with Phase One P45+

    Given the direction my work has been moving in, I'd like to see if anyone with a H2 and P45+ digital back would like to consider a trade. My H4D-40 was CLA'd by Hasselblad Copenhagen in June 2012 and given a clean bill of health (performing to spec) after the remote shutter release port was...
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    Schneider Nikon Fuji Ebony - LF Sale

    Oh, I won't be using the rangefinder with this lens. If anything, I might need it to be on a 2x3 lensboard - could you confirm the lens board size? Copal 0, got it. Worst case, I'll need to get a helical adapter for this. Any idea what tools are needed to change out the lensboards?
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    WTB : 58mm or 65mm lens for Linhof Super Technika V

    Just got my Linhof wide angle focusing device and looking for a 58mm or 65mm lens for my Super Technika V. From what I understand, it needs to be on a smaller lens board (for the 6x9?) and not the standard lens board. Drop me a line if you've got one for sale, with or without a center filter...
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    Schneider Nikon Fuji Ebony - LF Sale

    The 75 sounds like a pretty good lens. I'm in the market for a wide angle for my Linhof Technika V, and wondering if you have any idea if this will require the use of the wide angle focusing device or it will work fine without it If the wide angle focusing device is required, that's fine as I...
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    FS: Rodenstock Apo-Sironar digital 45mm f/4.5

    Is your lens still available?
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    WTB: Horseman SWD-II Pro lens

    Looking for a 35mm and 55mm lens for my Horseman SWD-II Pro.
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    Thumbs Up CSEP-4 (Double Shoe Model) $80

    How much for shipping to US, paid by PayPal?
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    C-Sonnar, Hassy Prism and Focus Screen, Sony STF

    How much for the Maxwell screen only? Shipping to UAE via Aramex or a reliable courier :)
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    Linhof Super Technika, 90mm SA f8 MC and 150mm Nikkor W

    Hi Tim, you've got PM.
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    Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)

    Hello, everyone :)
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    Hasselblad HTS1.5 Tilt/Shift Adapter

    I love the fact that the amount of tilt/shift is shown in the top LCD, which can be quite useful when doing work in very low-light environments. Not too excited by the 1.5x crop factor that gets introduced though - it makes shifting in wide angle work near impossible since my 28HCD practically...
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    M9 intermediate ISO settings

    That's an interesting view - based on what's been discussed so far, I'm getting the impression that outdoors, I could technically shoot at ISO160, f8, 1/400s and not worry too much about actual underexposure since I can push exposure to recover the image (except blown highlights and lost shadows)?
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    Medium format travel photography.

    I'd second the guys who suggested traveling light. I was in Paris and Brantome earlier this year and was pounding the streets of Paris with my wife. Had an Xpan with 30/45/90 lenses and my X100 most of the time. MF gear was kept in the hotel until we got to Brantome and rented a car, and then...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Some recent portraits of a friend. One light in a BD, H4D-40, 100/2.2 at ISO100. Client wanted something classical and something 'artsy'
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    And a little something I found - a shot by sprewell (another GetDPI member) while I was back in Singapore for a short break last month