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    Are there any solutions for FujiFilm GFX and Cambo Ultima?

    Thank you for you reply. It looks very good, I hope it will be on the market soon. Are there, by any chance, going to be any solutions for existing Ultima users? At the moment, I don't plan to upgrade to an Actus, I've invested in five lenses and lens plates, digital back adapter, both belows etc.
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    Are there any solutions for FujiFilm GFX and Cambo Ultima?

    Yes, too bad. Keith is a great guy. Yesterday I sent him an email, but it was returned : "Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address."
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    Are there any solutions for FujiFilm GFX and Cambo Ultima?

    Thank you! But, unfortunately, it's only 4x5. I hope Kapture Group, or some one else, wil come up with a 2x3 solution soon.
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    Are there any solutions for FujiFilm GFX and Cambo Ultima?

    I have Cambo Ultima 23 and IQ160 and I would like to try FujiFilm GFX with Ultima. Are there any solutions, adapters for GFX to be used on a view camera?
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    Iq3 100

    Install Firmware Updater, and then connect IQ180 to your computer and just follow the procedure. Actually, it's much simpler to do update now. I can't believe they didn't make it clear that you have to go to the page...
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    Buying a phaseone IQ160 in 2017

    Yes, you have the latest Firmware, and yes, you can update firmwares by yourself. It is very easy now with PhaseOne Firmware Updater, which you can download from Phase One site. I guess XF is great body, but the one you have is great, too. I even have DF, the older version, and since it was...
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    Photokina Phase One Announcements: IQ1 100mp, Lenses, IQ3 Kit Updates, C1 v9.3

    Digitalstore Vienna lists IQ1-100 at 32000€, VAT included. If they asked for 18000€ plus VAT= 21600€(20% VAT in Austria), it's than 10400€ for IQ160. Still not bad.
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    IQ series (CCD) firmware update 5.20.1

    No problem with IQ160 after 5.20 firmware update.
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    Cambo Actus and Sony A7r

    You are right, sorry. I'm on a larger Cambo camera/sensor, I overlooked it.
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    Cambo Actus and Sony A7r

    Since you want to shoot macro, the most logical solution would be Rodenstock 120mm Apo Macro Sironar Digital and Schneider 120mm Macro Apo Digitar, besides already mentioned Hasselblad and Mamiya macro lenses. There is no much to debate about when it comes to macro photography - use a macro lens.
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    Medium format macro options

    Another not so expensive tilt and macro option is the one I use now - basic 45 studio camera ( I use Cambo SCX) with standard bellows (not bag bellows), macro lens is preferable, but I still don't have one, I use Rodenstock Apo sironar digital 105, 135, which are not expensive and still good...
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    Affordable Medium Format Digital!

    When I saw the title I thought it was about CFV-50c in Japan.
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    Pentax 645Z - oh boy!

    ISO 12,800 looks really great. And it looks like there wasn't heavy noise reduction applied. I'm affraid there wasn't any marketing involved in this pics, they just walked out of the store and snapped it :)
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    Pentax 645Z - oh boy!

    Ok, Doug was quick.
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    Pentax 645Z - oh boy!

    You can add tools to any Tab. Just righ click on it and you'll see Add Tool option. Add whichever you want. I use Quck Tab (Q sign) to add all the tools I need under one Tab.
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    Pentax 645Z - oh boy!

    I never tried anything but C1 with IQ160. It's good to know, I'm going to try Lightromm. And ARC, too. It will be good to exercise new software for upcoming Pentax. I'm so stuck with C1, I've never even thought about replacing IQ with other brand. Now I will.
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    Pentax 645D, or 645Z: CCD vs. CMOS

    Great info, thanks! So, ACR is just fine then. I have some experiance with it, too, so, I hope, it won't be a problem to adapt.