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    FS: Hasselblad PME 45

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    Technical Camera Images

    Nice, but I think the last image needs some straightening....:unsure:
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    Kolari CPL/ XCD 90/ lens shade connection: beware!

    So I I found out that it was not possible to mount the lens shade onto the Hasselblad XCD 90 with a Kolari CPL filter already fixed to the lens. Ok no problem mount the lens shade first and then the CPL...ok no problem until you want to dismount the CPL... A CPL, by nature, is circular, which...
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    Hasselblad Phocus with adapted lenses

    It seems that the vignetting slider only works with XCD lenses (H ? Don´t know..) With adapted lenses you have to specify which one you are using. Per default, this is set to "other" and the vignetting slider is greyed out. Unfortunately, there are only presets for hasselblad lenses, so...
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    FS: Hasselblad PME 45

    Some scratches, otherwise fully working. € 1000.-
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    FS: Hasselblad Makro-Planar 4/120 T*

    € 600.-
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    FS: Hasselblad Sonnar 250 Superachromat

    Only some very minor marks, nothing deep, glass is very clean with the occasional dust. The lens has been CLA´d in Germany by Peter Gierens two years ago. I HATE to sell this lens, but my aging eyes cannot work with MF lenses any more, so I have to switch to the XCD 135. € 2000.- plus fees...
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    X2D Cleaning Question, (wet clean)

    Thank you for contacting Hasselblad. Her is what HB support told me: "Best would be to clean the camera turned off. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional support if needed. Best regards, The Hasselblad Support Team " Personnaly I use cleaning products from
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    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    Another piece of info comes from the manual, page 24: "(....using CFV 100C with) any view camera: Shift settings are not recommended on cameras with wide-angle lenses and a short lens to image plane distance"
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    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    The manual (yes, it is already available for download!) does not say anything about it, but I guess it will be the same as with the X2D.
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    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    Hmm, in the EU it is about 10% cheaper than the X2D.... (€ 7.799 vs. € 8.699)
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    Digital medium format in 2024 – it's not dead!

    "Slightly cheaper" than the X2D.
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    Digital medium format in 2024 – it's not dead!

    My dealer told me that it will not have IBIS.
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    CFV 100C vs IQ3 100 ?

    This is interesting. Which dealer already accepts preorders?
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    Digital medium format in 2024 – it's not dead!

    Could you please share pictures of this setup? Thank you!
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    PRICE DROP! FS Hasselblad X1DII 50C

    Bump Price lowered to € 2.300 + VAT