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    Comment by 'raywest' in media 'LR4300c-v.jpg'

    For more serious shooting?
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    Tilt shift lens adapter

    I'm thinking about making a tilt shift lens adapter. If any one has exaperiance osf these, do you often use tilt and shift at the same time? Everything I've seen treats it as two separate effects, and it would be much simpler to make a tilt adapter and a separate shift adapter.
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    LED-How to tell the real ligthing output of led lights?How to compare lighting power?

    conversion tables here explanation of terminology here hth Best wishes, Ray
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    So, what makes for a good image???

    It depends on the final destination of the photo, the purpose of the image, if you like, e.g. if I would want to hang it on my wall. In all cases, there needs to be some composition. Many images I have seen need cropping, for example, to remove items that have no relationship to the subject...
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    Blue Dress or Gold Dress (you decide)

    A bit more info
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    Do you eat Grains?

    It's all quite simple, you either like bacon, or you're wrong!
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    Welcome to Dismaland...

    Well, for 3 quid entrance, and only being about 15 miles from me, still not worth a visit. Weston-S-Mare is always dismal, and anyway, many so called attractions in UK tend to be even better...
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    waterproofing not required

    BBC News - Canada: Shipwreck camera found and returned to owner Hopefully you can access this outside uk. Best wishes, Ray
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    40mm EF f/2.8 pancake compatibility question

    and the answer was?
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    Cooking in the Danger Zone: Chernobyl

    If you have the time then KIDDofSPEED - GHOST TOWN - Chernobyl Pictures - Kidofspeed - Elena is a view more recent to the event. Also, bearing in mind recent events - check out her images and report on 'the orange revolution' Best wishes, Ray
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    Radioactive lenses

    afaik, it is only in the tig welding process where thorium may be present, in the electrode, not the filler rod, if any. The main concern is in ingesting the dust when grinding the point. FAQ: The use of thoriated tungsten electrodes Tig welding is a bit more specialised compared to what your...
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    Firing up printers after 5 months idle

    Hi Dave, Glad you got it sorted, and thanks for letting us know the results. Best wishes, Ray
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    Photoshop goes subscription only

    Hi, There is plenty of choices in software, as others have said, many far better in certain areas tha anything adobe, or its plugins can offer. A short video on sharpening and printing is here - Ron Martinsen's Photography Blog: QImage 2013 – Complex Print Layout Made Easy hth Best wishes, Ray
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    How to Buy International ? Need some ideas.

    I suppose, if you can't afford to lose the money, then don't take the risk.:( By far most traders will be honest, many may be ignorant of the items they sell, but have a returns policy, but if you do get caught by a scammer, then you will lose out. If there is concern/worry about the trade, then...
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    Canon's new "world's smallest DSLR" ?

    Or, lacking a bit in iq, but small enough for you? MINOX - Visible Innovation: Digital Classic Cameras Best wishes, Ray
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    Firing up printers after 5 months idle

    Hi Dave, The Epson guy here - The Grid: Episode 88 – Epson Printing | The Grid mentions that the pro printers need constant work. Here or previously, he has also mentioned about relative humidity. However, on a lesser Epson printer (R1600 iirc) I deliberately left it unplugged for over a year...
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    Canon's new "world's smallest DSLR" ?

    Hi Jorgen, . Canon made a start - a 40mm f2.8 ef pancake which is not too bad. Best wishes, Ray
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    epson 9900 paper load error

    Different papers, different settings. You may find this of use - Drivers & Support - Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Spectro Proofer - Epson (Manuals and documentation - then select your media - also faq). Best wishes, Ray
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    Help with an Epson 4900 problem

    Have you sorted it yet?
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    Help with an Epson 4900 problem

    Hi Durr, If you haven't got it, then download the manual from here, say - Page 113 explains about clogged nozzles. It is not always clogged nozzles, but air getting into the ink lines. I would suggest you get two sets of...