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  1. GMB

    Filtersystem for MF

    Hi. I am in the process of buying a filter system for my S007. In particular, a 6 stop ND as well as 3 stop soft, hard, and reverse GND. I am leaning towards the Haida M15 system. Does anyone have experience with that system? How useful do you think pol filters are for landscape (I have...
  2. GMB

    ISO recomendation studio light for MF

    I am shooting with the Leica S007 (as well as the Leica M10M). I want to experiment with studio portrait photography and I am confused what best to get as the main light, which I want to to be able to modify as a soft light as well as a hard light. I would prefer continuous light over strobes...
  3. GMB

    Looking for advice on portrait project

    I would like to shoot portraits of owners of small shops and business in my area for an exhibition. Ideally, I would like to use the Leica S (006) with a 35 mm lens. The shots will be inside their business. The subjects will be either sitting or standing. These will be full body shots and...
  4. GMB

    Processing images on the road

    What do you guys use to do basic image processing and storage while on the road? Specifically, when you are traveling (very) light. When on the road by car I typically used my Mac Book Pro. But I now have a couple of trips coming up where I want to travel very light and where the Mac Book is...
  5. GMB

    Seeking lens advice for light travel

    My wife and I are going for a six week trip to Japan this September/October. We want to travel (very) light, i.e., no checked luggage. I intend to take M10 along. Question: What lenses. 4 is the maximum I want to take. I have 24 2.8, 28 2.0, 35 2.0, 50 1.4, 50 Noctilux, 75 2.0 and 1.4, 90 2.8...
  6. GMB

    How do you clean your S sensor

    Despite my best efforts (switching the camera off before lens change, holding it down while changing lenses, keeping the back lens of the lenses clean, avoiding changing lenses in the dust etc.), the sensor becomes dirty and requires cleaning. I just wonder what is the best procedure. My...
  7. GMB

    Leica S 100 cron

    I am contemplating getting this lens and curious to hear from those who have it what their impressions/views are, in particular how it relates/ compares to the 120 macro.
  8. GMB

    Best way to clean front element of a lens

    I should know this by now but I don't. I took the S with the zoom out for a walk on the beach. Very windy day. There is a bit of a very light film on the front element of the zoom lens. Basically the salt that was in the air. How would you remove that? Wipe with a lightly humid lens cloth...
  9. GMB

    FS: Leica S2 + cable release

    I am selling my trusted Leica S2. I bought it in February 2011 from a Leica dealer in Germany. I am a hobbyist and not a professional, and the camera has only about 14,000 actuations. The camera accompanied me to various locations around the world (North America and Canada, Asia, South...
  10. GMB

    Optimum exposure

    I came across this article on LuLa about optimum exposure. Basically what it says is to expose so that the brightest point of the scene is 99.5% white in the raw file and then correct in post production by bringing down exposure. Thus, if you photograph a black cat on a black carpet you would...
  11. GMB

    Lee Big Stopper

    When I use the Lee Big Stopper (on the Leica S2), it screws up the white balance and colors. I tried to correct it but without success. Colors are always somewhat unnormal. Do others have similar experiences and ideas how to deal with this? Thanks.
  12. GMB

    Nova Scotia; New Brusnwick; Prince Eward Island

    I am heading off to Canadian maritime provinces in August for 3 weeks with an RV. Will take my Leica S2 kit + the M9 and may be the MM. Any advice what to shoot and what to pay attention too is much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. GMB

    Anyone tried the new Mac Pro?

    I am tempted but wonder how much fast it is than the latest 15" MBP with 16 GB RAM and what the best configuration would be for photo work (including MFD).
  14. GMB

    Filter system on 30-90 and 24 mm for the S/S2

    Last year, we had a discussion on the use of the Lee filter system on the 30-90 mm in this thread. Main issue: Lee does not produce a 95 mm ring. Some suggested to use the Scheider adapter ring. I just wondered whether anyone has any new experience since then. I now also have the 24 mm and...
  15. GMB

    External monitor on Mac Book pro

    I decided to use my Mac Book Pro retina as the main machine for image processing. However, I will use my Eizo 24" that is hardware calibrated. I have a few questions to the experts here: 1) What do I need to bear in mind when calibrating the Eizo. I downloaded the latest Eizo software that...
  16. GMB

    External drives for MBP retina - Options?

    I know there a lot of Mac experts out here and so I hope to get some good advice. Background I am not a pro and don't make my living with photography, but I am what you could call a serious hobbyist. My image library is just north of 1 TB. I shoot M9, MM, and S2. Until last month, I did...
  17. GMB

    S/S2 and studio flash

    I have very little (actually close to no) studio experience. However, I wanted to use the S2 for some studio portraits. I don't have the CS lenses, so I understand that the lowest shutter speed that I can use is 1/125th. Now here is my question: How do I avoid motion blur when shooting with...
  18. GMB

    MM freezing

    Got my MM yesterday :D. Took it out for a little walk after dark. As with my M9 (and M8.2) set to discrete mode. After a few shots, camera froze, i.e, did made the shot but then did not clock he shutter. Also, I was unable to shut down the camera, but had to remove the battery. (Note, I was...
  19. GMB

    Lee Filter system

    I got the Lee system last summer and used it on the S2 with the 72 and 82 mm filter rings. Quite happy so far. I now was fortunate enough to find a 30-90 mm S zoom, which has a 92 mm filter thread. My dealer did not have an 92 ring on stock, and I then checked the Lee website and saw that they...
  20. GMB

    ND Filter on Nocti

    Question to my fellow Nocti users: What ND filter do you use or recommend (strength and make)? Thanks.