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  1. GMB

    Filtersystem for MF

    Viert. LEE also offered a 95 mm adapter ring and the holder was still in the field of view. BTW, I now ordered the LEE push on holder. It it works, and I assume it does, I will get the Haida filters for that.
  2. GMB

    Filtersystem for MF

    As mentioned, it is for the S007. I am now leaning towards the Haida 100 mm filters. I ordered the Lee Push on to make it work on the S 24 and S 30-90. The Wine Country system looks great but (a) is very expensive and, more importantly, (b) would not solve my proble with these two lenses. I...
  3. GMB

    Filtersystem for MF

    Thanks for the helpful comments so far. My choice of Haida was based on this test and On the fact that their new holder should work on the 24 mm S lens and takes magnetic filters. It’s a 150 mm system and thus bigger than the 100 mm systems.
  4. GMB

    Filtersystem for MF

    Hi. I am in the process of buying a filter system for my S007. In particular, a 6 stop ND as well as 3 stop soft, hard, and reverse GND. I am leaning towards the Haida M15 system. Does anyone have experience with that system? How useful do you think pol filters are for landscape (I have...
  5. GMB

    ISO recomendation studio light for MF

    Thanks everyone for the helpful advice. Much appreciated. I am currently revisiting my decision and may in fact to for strobes. I just thought that continuous light would be easier to handle, in particular as I do not have the leaf shutter S lenses.
  6. GMB

    ISO recomendation studio light for MF

    I am shooting with the Leica S007 (as well as the Leica M10M). I want to experiment with studio portrait photography and I am confused what best to get as the main light, which I want to to be able to modify as a soft light as well as a hard light. I would prefer continuous light over strobes...
  7. GMB

    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Summer evening in Sweden. S007 Vario 30-90
  8. GMB

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    M10 24/2.8 The importance of posting you were there.
  9. GMB

    Looking for advice on portrait project

    Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I do not have the CS lenses. I will see how things can work out.
  10. GMB

    Looking for advice on portrait project

    I would like to shoot portraits of owners of small shops and business in my area for an exhibition. Ideally, I would like to use the Leica S (006) with a 35 mm lens. The shots will be inside their business. The subjects will be either sitting or standing. These will be full body shots and...
  11. GMB

    What are your plans during this time of chaos and social distancing?

    We were ready to head off next week with our camper truck to Russia, the Stans, and Mongolia for six months. Obviously, everything cancelled and we are now stuck in in our house in Brussels. No idea when we can travel again. Still, we were lucky that the crisis did not start a few month later...
  12. GMB

    Leica S3 released today March 6, 2020 - new review

    Thanks for the review. One question, if I may. You write "The S Typ 006 and S Typ 007 already delivered superb image quality and easy operation. The S3 improves on them noticeably." Could you please expand on that. Where exactly is the noticeable improvement and how does it play out in...
  13. GMB

    Leica S3

    So here’s the question to the Beta testers: I have been an early adopter of the S system. S2 and then S006. I skipped the 007. Now stay with the 006, get a 007 (used or new; some new still on offer) or take the plunge for the S3. If money were no object, the choice seems clear. But it IS a...
  14. GMB

    Will the S3 be DOA?

    My information is that the price will be the same as for the S007. At least that’s what a Leica rep who should know said to me few weeks ago. Release end of March and specs as announced. He also said that. But who knows...
  15. GMB

    My Take on the Leica SL2

    Thanks very much for the vert informative and entertaining “review”. Excellent piece as always. Just wondering what you offer to your dog to be such a patient sitter. I never get ours to sit for more than 5 seconds.
  16. GMB

    What is your Inspiration?

    Do you mind explaining a bit. I always found your work truly inspiring. I appreciated the clarity and elegance of what you produced. Really outstanding.
  17. GMB

    What is your Inspiration?

    To create something that I and others find beautiful and inspirational. Or, to be more realistic, to attempt achieving this.
  18. GMB

    Traveling the south of the US on two-lane highways and country roads

    Great series. Love the road trip mood and soft colours. Thanks for sharing.
  19. GMB

    a leica s story and 4th of july

    I did not know that there were 14 lenses. I know of 24, 30, 35, 45, 70, 100, 120, 180, and the 30-90. Or do you have some in the CS and non-CS version? Also, Leica will only repair for free if the AF goes bust within 5 years of purchase. I had this happen on the 100 and 120 (both on the...
  20. GMB

    Seeking lens advice for light travel

    Thanks, Tom. The trip is fantastic so far. Only the weather and light could be better. Very happy with the choice of gea. The 50 and the 24 get by farthe most use and, to be honest, would have been sufficient. Will post some shots when back. Georg