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  1. K

    Mamiya RB 67 and IQ180

    Finally have some spare time and got on loan the needed adaptor to put things together. Quick testing and the combination with RB 67 + IQ 180 + adaptor for Mamiya ZD backs with a small change seems to work. I'll do some more testing next weeks. At least the following lenses waiting for RB: 65mm...
  2. K

    LR catalog into C1 7.1.3

    I tried this beta feature. Seemed to work fairly well. Just a small catalog imported. The aperture and shutter speed values don't go corretly. I like the idea that this has been thought. Anyone else tried this?
  3. K

    Any experiences on LS 150 Scheider lens

    Has anyone been using the above lens in real life? Also interested in hearing about the TS 120 5.6 A lens. I have the LS 80 and love it. Kirmo
  4. K

    Any interest to photograph in uncommon light

    Would anyone be interest in photographing here in Finland. During winter up north, no sunshine 24h/day. Yes, we have light, but it is different. Also with good luck also aurora borealis / northern lights can fill the sky during nights. During summer the opposite, sun 24h/day so it makes sense...
  5. K

    Got my PhaseOne V-Grip yesterday

    Just to info if someone else has been waiting, The V-Grip finally in my hands. I saw several boxes at my dealers shop. Still waiting for the tilt/shift lenses. Kirmo Finland
  6. K

    Some quick 645DF and P65+ feedback

    Got mine just for xmas and haven't had much time to use it so far. So dark, cold, too much snow and too much to do here in Finland at this time of the year! Phase 645DF+ 80LS + Canon 580 flash seems to work in manual at 1/1600 with no problem. Tried just a few test shots. I'll be leaving...