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  1. ptomsu

    Z 50mm 1.2s and 14-24mm 2.8s Rumored Announcement Next Week

    Both these lenses look extraordinarily good and will get added to my Z lineup over time for sure!
  2. ptomsu

    XF 50mm F1.0 WR

    If you really want to get into birding with the Fuji then do yourself a favour and get the 100-400. I shot this lens on safaris in Africa and it is absolutely stunning and was already fast on the X-T2. I only can imagine how well it works on an X-T4 or even newer bodies to come in the future (y)
  3. ptomsu

    XF 50mm F1.0 WR

    Well Darr, you could use this lens for a number of other genres than just portrait. Although I fully understand your point of view as sometimes in life one gets bored and tired of things having been done for too much ;) I am currently very happy back in FF Nikon Z and I love this system and all...
  4. ptomsu

    XF 50mm F1.0 WR

    This georgeous lens was introduced by Fujifilm yesterday and I am actually a bit surprised that there seems to be not much interest at least here in this forum for it. Anyway I kind of have mixed feelings myself as I am now back in FF land with the...
  5. ptomsu

    Fun with Olympus EM1.3

    Just got this beauty last Friday :thumbs: As weather outside is not that great here are some interior shots with my daughter 2020-03-21_0002.jpg by ptomsu, on Flickr [/url]2020-03-21_0013.jpg by ptomsu, on FlickrFlickr 2020-03-21_0013.jpg by ptomsu, on Flickr I know already that AF...
  6. ptomsu

    New Micro Four Thirds Catalog 2020

    Just published This actual lineup reassures me of the future of m43 - despite all Naysayers and crazy YouTubers :ROTFL: :thumbs: :toocool:
  7. ptomsu

    Fujifilm X100V

    This beast of a camera was announced on February 4th 2020 and I cannot believe that there is so less interest here ..... so at least a funny video about it and it's use Well, for me this fifth iteration of the X100 seems to tick all the boxes I want...
  8. ptomsu


    Just to keep all upcoming information in one place lets start this thread. What we (I) know so far ... 1) Same sensor as EM1X - really unfortunate IMO 2) completely new processor which allows also 3) handheld high res shots 4) OLED EVF - not sure about the resolution though 5) same battery...
  9. ptomsu

    Canon EOS-1 D X Mark III

    A brave evolution from Canon! If I would be in DSLR photography again, this camera would be it. Just a technical marvel! This video makes me really want to get one with some lenses and go back to Africa and Safari again. Enjoy Peter
  10. ptomsu

    Sony releases the new 47MP and 8k30p MFT sensor

    It is for now only a weird guess, but when I imagine this sensor in the next EM1.3 or the GH6 then this would mean a real quantum leap forward for m43. Exciting times anyway :thumbs: and maybe good to keep any...
  11. ptomsu


    Someone has to start this .... The camera will have most of the E-M1X features for a fraction of the price :) - this sentence caught my eyes .... we will see.
  12. ptomsu

    Olympus EM1.2 with Olympus PRO lenses

    I spent 2 very beautiful weeks in Florida - Bonita Springs area - which is directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Very sunny, very humid, lot of rain etc. The EM1.2 albeit a very "ancient" camera together with the 2.8/12-40 PRO and the 2.8/40-150 PRO were congenial companions during that trip and I...
  13. ptomsu

    Fuji X-H2

    I know this camera is still out a bit (end 2019 or begin 2020) butter many people (including me) would really love to get this camera. Basically a X-T3 in X-H1 body with of course all the improvements the X-T3 brings paired with IBIS and that larger and (for me) such better to hold body. I have...
  14. ptomsu

    Olympus 100th Anniversary

    This film was just published by Olympus to celebrate their 100th anniversary I wish Olympus all the best for their next 100 years and hope they can survive the current issues :thumbs:
  15. ptomsu

    Canon RF 85mm f1.2 Lens

    Now we are talking Results are stunning and eye-AF obviously works very well for portraiture - for what it should be designed :thumbs: Now Canon finally only needs to release their PRO R camera with built in IBIS - that would change the game...
  16. ptomsu

    New 32MP and Global Shutter Sensors for m43

    Seems something starts moving - finally Sony rumoured to have developed a 32MP m43 sensor and Olympus working on Global Shutter sensors I hope it is worth the wait .....
  17. ptomsu

    Nikon and 60MP Sony Sensor

    I think it is a safe bet that we will soon see new Nikon top models - I hope in their Z-series - with that new Sony 60MP sensor. Nikon just signed up to purchase this new Sony IMX455 sensor. IMO a very good decision and move by Sony...
  18. ptomsu

    m43 first signs of death - hopefully not!!!

    Olympus kills the PEN-F line, actually a very nice camera that I have been waiting for in it's second incarnation - that will obviously now never happen. Hopefully this does not mark a general...
  19. ptomsu

    Nikon Z1 Entry Level Mirrorless Camera

    This could be one of the first images of the new Nikon Z1 - the entry level mirrorless camera from Nikon I hope it is not as crippled as the Canon RP though .....
  20. ptomsu

    Olympus might be forced to exit Digital Camera Market

    I really hope this is not true! Olympus Might Be Forced To Exit The Digital Camera Market By Activist Shareholders‽ Read more: Olympus Might Be Forced To Exit The Digital Camera Market By Activist Shareholders? - 43addict