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  1. schuster

    Forum Software Upgrade

    I'd be happy to pitch-in for making that option available. A years-old post at the top is "interesting," but it's a major pain to have to scroll down through pages and pages of past years to find the most current post.
  2. schuster

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    Good idea! I didn't know the site was in trouble 'til today, Sep 15th, when I just happened upon this thread. Over the years, I've donated a few times, just to say "Thanks" but never got responses that the payment was received. I had to go to my online card account to see that it posted. I was...
  3. schuster

    How to not get ripped off on Ebay

    Thank you, Kit, Weinschela and StephenGilbert, for your replies. I will consider it all, or just wind up selling it to Adorama or B&H.
  4. schuster

    Fun with MF images

    Dried sunflowers, snow background. Hasselblad ArcBody, Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 45mm, Phase One IQ-160.
  5. SPF80


    It was a blindingly bright day at Venice Beach in the late 1960s. These ladies were decades ahead of sun block. Nikon F, 105mm Nikkor, Kodak Plus-X
  6. Tom


    Musician, painter, composer, storyteller, friend, Tom Pirozzoli Hasselblad 503CW, Zeiss Sonnar Superachromat CFi 250mm lens, Phase One IQ-160 back.
  7. foggy kezar panorama

    foggy kezar panorama

    Before the light completely disappeared, I grabbed my Sony RX-100 and made two horizontal images. Stitched together with P-shop.
  8. schuster

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Hollywood Freeway at the Cahuenga/Gower exit to Sunset Boulevard. Shot through car window with Fuji GSW690, 65mm Fujinon lens, Fuji 220 Provia film, drum scan.
  9. schuster

    MF In-Body Image Stabilization at Last!

    I've been waiting "forever" to hand-hold MF at (presumably) 1/125 and get tack sharp images. According to reports from Photokina, Fujifilm is working on the GFX 100 (102MP), and "...also features the world's first in-body image stabilization system for a medium format mirrorless camera."...
  10. schuster

    Medium Format Macros Anyone?

    Hasselblad 503CW, Zeiss Makro-Planar CFE 4/120mm, Automatic Bellows Extension, Phase One IQ-160, window light, Zerene Stacker, Capture One, Photoshop.
  11. schuster

    Technical Camera use in landscape photography

    I use rise and/or tilt in about 10% of my images, but as far as being out in the boonies is concerned, there's nothing that I know of that's as small, light and straightforward easy to use as the ArcBody.
  12. ...and I would like to thank the Academy...

    ...and I would like to thank the Academy...

    Onion, Hasselblad ArcBody, Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 45mm lens, PhaseOne IQ-160 back
  13. schuster

    Adobe Creative Cloud conks out worldwide

    From Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription service took a nose dive on Wednesday, and isn't getting any better yet. Users around the world haven't been able to access the service, and while Adobe is working on the problem, there isn't any word yet on when the problem will be...
  14. schuster

    "Adobe Lightroom Comes to the iPad"

    Link to the Mac Observer article: Adobe Lightroom Comes to the iPad - The Mac Observer
  15. schuster

    Hasselblad HTS1.5 Tilt/Shift Adapter

    When I first saw this I thought it was an ArcBody Photoshopped. Apparently, Hasselblad had to take it off the market while they were fighting a law suit (probably by one of the bottom-feeders who make a living by finding loopholes in patent filings). Has anyone here had experience with it?
  16. schuster

    Your humble opinion on Hasselblad V WA

    After shooting Hasselblad "V" systems for about 30 years, my shortest lens has been the 150 (other than the ArcBody Rodenstock wides). So now I'm in the market for a 50, 60 or 80, but I'd like your experienced opinion on which is the "sharpest" and user-friendly for my IQ-160 back, please.
  17. schuster

    Capture One and Lightroom equal now?

    I'm not sufficiently conversant with either Capture One or Lightroom to make an in-depth comparison myself, but I'd like to read a critique and judgment call by experienced users of both here.
  18. schuster

    Recommendations for a new iPad user?

    This message moved to iPad Apps
  19. schuster

    Tech camera caught in a downpour

    You tromp with tripod, Cube or other pricey head, Alpa/Arca/Cambo/Linhof/Plaubel/ArcBody/etc tech cam and attached Rodenstock/Schneider/Fuji/etc lens and PhaseOne/Leaf back, to a vantage point 1000ft/305m from your car. You make some excellent captures and completely unexpectedly, you and your...
  20. schuster

    Two new videos from Nat'l Geo.

    As photographers, I think you'll enjoy these as much as I did: National Geographic Live! - Face-Off with a Lion - YouTube National Geographic Live! - Robot vs. Tiger - YouTube