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    back with team phase

    As i am preparing my great wall exhibition for next year i came across lots of images that i have taken with my contax 645 and p45+, that are, still today, stunning. i even managed to print one image at 180cm width. and all the talking with nikesteam, who is looking for an iq180 for ages, got...
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    Fujifilm GFX100 Pixelshift Firmware is out Here are my first impressions AWESOME but... absolute steadiness is required, you easily get artifacts. we have 2020, and the software to combine the images is using the CPU to process? COME ON FUJI! i didnt get a amd...
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    anybody else? C1 issue

    Does anybody else experience the issue that after a while, for unknown reasons, all files in a catalogue folder will be duplicated? removing the folder from the catalogue and readding fixes the issue
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    anybody else? duplicate images in C1

    Hi everyone, i experience that in older catalogues in the subfolders of my structure, nearly all folders have all images duplicated. they are only on the storage once but the same file can be seen twice in C1. same image and same file name after deleting the folder and readding it to the...
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    Beijing in times of crisis

    Hi Friends, in the past few days i have been walking around beijing during the time of the virus crisis and i wanna share the impressions i have captured then. at the moment beijing is coming back to life again, though traffic on the street is minimal and passenger numbers on buses and subways...
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    First getdpi GFX100 user meeting

    So i went to get my fuji gfx100 last weekend and chrismuc wanted to join me to have a look at the baby, since he didnt want to invest into this camera yet, other priorities, so when we met on sunday we sat down for some food in central shenzhen and i got the new baby out of the bag, then chris...
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    Canon firesale

    fun with amazon probably amazon had all the rights to withdraw from this contract after all
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    fs: 50mm Summicron

    hi, I decided to sell my Leica 50mm F2 Summicron, latest version, bought two years ago. The lens looks like new and the glass is clean. I am asking for 1400$ + shipping is on the buyer. Dust, visible on the pics, has already been cleaned away and was only on the outside will include a 3stop...
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    changing the file naming on fuji (gfx50s)

    Hi there, i am getting more and more annoyed by the way my gfx handles the file naming 1. the limitation of 4 digits for numbers, what the.... 2. once 9999 is reached a new folder is created...grrrr this is really annoying for creating long time-lapses. i looked through the menus but couldnt...
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    what are the chances for a fully featured C1 on ipad?

    i know this has been discussed long time ago, but is there any update? any rumors pointing on activity at P1 to realize that? With the new large scale IPADs with usb c connector, this might be really interesting. cheers
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    Fujifilm GFX time-lapse issues

    I guess not many of you who shoot the GFX do use the time-lapse function alot. Well i do occasionally and thus i found a problem. Lets do this quick, the resulting images, combined into a video.... flicker, quite strong actually. after alot of testing i found out that it must be related to the...
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    breakthrough x4 nd filters

    Maybe this is the wrong forum, but since alot of MF shooters also use ND filters a lot, i give it a try here. as the title says, is there anyone who has experience with this brand regarding their ND filters? especially the 10 and 15 stop ones? i saw a review comparison where they came out top...
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    FS: IQ180 in Contax 645 Mount

    Hi everyone, I am offering here my Phase One IQ180 Digital Back. Its in a super rare Contax 645 Mount. I bought it from a regular member here on this forum a little bit more than a year ago. It still has Value added warranty till September this year, so buy with confidence! The back has seen...
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    might be nothing....but....gfx

    so i just got my gfx, with steel chens canon adapter and i am using the canon ts-e 17mm f4 lens with it. going for the contax645 adapter soon as well, to use my collection of contax lenses as well. and man am i happy with the setup.....wait....but for one thing. when i use the electronic...
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    cache location capture one

    Hi all, is it possible to relocate the cache folder of capture one to another folder or drive? i didnt find any option so far and also a search on the internet didnt help. best regards mirko
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    fs: p45+ contax mount

    I am selling my beloved Phase One P45+ Digital Back with a Contax 645 mount. Since I upgraded to an IQ180 lately, I simply do not need it anymore. This back is the king of long exposure photography in medium format, while nearly covering the 6x4.5 full frame. One hour of exposure is not a...
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    hackintosh graphics card

    Hi all, does anybody have experience with setting up a hackintosh, and if so, what was your choice of the graphics card? did you run into any issues? i am in the planning phase what hardware to use. i will use the machine 99% for working with capture one and photoshop, therefore i want a...
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    photoshop adaptive wide angle, any advice

    I am using this tool for some time now and occasionally it delivers really good results but it also tends to deliver heavy distortions, when using alot of lines at the same time. how is your approach to this tool, especially when it comes to architecture images? best regards mirko
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    Phase one seems scared IQ1 100 big disappointment as a contax 645 user, die IQ1 and IQ2 series still supported the C645 mount, now it doesnt.
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    brace yourselves! otus 28mm

    a friend of mine has some connections to zeiss and could tell me a detail about the price of the new otus 28mm.....yes the price is 4 digit and has a 4 in the front, in euro that is