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  1. PSon

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!
  2. PSon

    Fixing My Expensive Adapter

    Just to let folks know that an expensive adapter does not always warranty you a perfect result. On the Voigtlander adapter, there is a light rubber gasket which protrudes into the light path too much and causing corner vignettings when shoot wide open. I removed the inner ring and repainted the...
  3. PSon

    Hasselblad CFV Digital Backs

    Do you own at least one, two, or all 3 Hasselblad CFV digital backs (CFV16, CFV39, CFV50) and what do you like about the IQ of each back?
  4. PSon

    Hasselblad XPAN = MF?

    Hasselblad XPAN = Medium Format (MF)?
  5. PSon

    Leica R

    Selling a few lens and cameras. 1. Leica Summilix-R 1.4/50 ROM E60 Mint $3500 2. Leica Summilux-R 1.4/50 ROM E60 Mint $3500 3. Leica Apo Summicron-R 2.0/90 ROM E60 Mint $3500 4. Leica Apo Summicron-R 2.0/90 ROM E60 Converted to Nikon Mount Mint $3600 5. Leica Summilux-R 1.4/80 Brand New...
  6. PSon

    FS: Hasselblad 205 TCC + CFV 16 Digital Back

    The Hasselblad 205 TCC + CFV 16 digital back is an amazing combo for me but I am going back to use the Sinar system again. Thus, I like to sell this combo for $8500. The camera is in mint condition and the digital back is in mint minus condition due to slight wear on the mounting. This is normal...
  7. PSon

    D3s Low Light Fast Action Capture Image

    This image was taken with the Zeiss Distagon 1.4/35 ZF.2 at F1.4
  8. PSon

    FS: photo gears

    Selling off gears I am not using. Email me is the best way. thanks -Son I. SONY SYSTEM: SOLD: 1. Sony NEX-5 + Zoom Lens (18-55) Condition: Mint Price: $600 2. Canon FD Adapter Condition: Mint Price: $70 3. Leica M adapter Condition: Mint Price: $70 4. Canon EOS Adapter Condition: Mint Price...
  9. PSon

    FS: Contax G2 System

    I bought this system for film and for the Sony NEX. However, I am considering upgrading my medium format system thus would like to sell this beautiful Contax G2 system. 1. Contax G2 camera Condition: Mint 2. Contax Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 2.8/21 with complete finder Condition: mint 3. Contax...
  10. PSon

    FS: Canon Lens

    Here are some of the lens I bought recently but I did not get the chance to use it or very few times. 1. Canon 1.2/50 L EF Note: Still has about 10 months of warranty left from Canon USA dealer. Condition: Mint Price: $1295 2. Canon 1.2/85 EF Note: Brand New never used. I bought it for 2...
  11. PSon

    FS: Apple iPhone G3

    For sale is my Apple iPhone G3 in Mint-. Price: $200
  12. PSon

    Do Legends Fall on Sony NEX?

    The ability to un-restrict optics from digital sensor/camera is exciting. However, the question I would like to ask: Do Legends Fall on the Sony NEX (similar chip size camera)? Below are samples of some of the respected lens on the Sony NEX. Perhaps you can post images from your "legendary" lens...
  13. PSon

    FS: Sony NEX-5K

    I just bought the Noctilux so some more gears has to go for now. 1. Sony NEX-5K (K = 18-55 Zoom Kit) Note: I just bought this camera and love it. Unfortunately, the Noctilux has a higher priority on my list. Condition: Mint like new Price: $650 Net to me 2. Sony NEX to Contax G adapter Price...
  14. PSon

    FS/T: Leica M Lens

    I have the following items for sale or trade: 1. Leica Apo Tylet-M 2/90 in Black Paint Condition: Mint- (slight abrasion on the sharp edges of the aperture ring otherwise mint) Price: $3500 obro 2. Leica Apo Tylet-M 3.4/135 Black Condition: Fair Price: $1550 I would be interested in some...
  15. PSon

    FS: Hasselblad H2 Kit

    Since I am going back to my Hasselblad V system, I have no use for the H system now. I have an excellent Hasselblad H2 Kit system including the H2 camera, 90 degree prism, 80mm AF lens, and a film magazine. Condition: Excellent Price: $2500
  16. PSon

    FS: 5D Mark II + Leica R Lens + Howtek 7500 Drum Scanner

    1. Canon 5D mark II Note: I just bought the Canon 7D so the 5D mark II is available. I just bought the 5D mark II from a USA Canon dealer with under 500 shutter counts max. Condition: Like New Price: $2250 2. Canon 1.2/50L lens Note: I also just bought this lens from the Canon USA dealer and...
  17. PSon

    FS: Leica M 2/35 King Bokeh Lens

    This is the lens that many here claimed to be the King of bokeh, the Leica 2/35 non ASPH in good condition. price: $1500 obo
  18. PSon

    FS: Leica R Lens

    I am selling the following Leica R lens for a great friend: 1. Leica 2.8/28 PC lens Condition: Excellent Price: $1500 2. Leica 80-200mm ROM Condition: Excellent Price: $700
  19. PSon

    WTT: Leica M for Leica R Lens

    Ok I have the following Leica M lens that I like to trade for the Leica R lens: 1) Leica 2.0/28 ASPH - Black Condition: Mint- 2) Leica 2.0/35 ASPH - Chrome Condition: Mint 3) Leica 2.0/75 ASPH - Black - 6-bit coded Condition: Excellent + 4) Leica 2.0/90 ASPH - Black Condition: Mint-; the...
  20. PSon

    SOLD: Leica M8.2 Black

    for sale is an excellent Leica M8.2 in black that I previously got from a well respected member of this forum. The camera was calibrated and had less than 1700 shutter counts. Price: $3350