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  1. P. Chong

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    You mean on the 907X? Its the HB plate, kept there to prevent scratching the bottom...:-), kinda silly I guess. And allowing the body to sit on its own.
  2. P. Chong

    Technical Camera Images

    The horizontal clutch mechanism on a vintage Roger Dubuis Chronograph Retrograde Perpetual Calendar. Linhof Technica at full extension, with Hasselblad CFV back, and Schneider Kreuznach 90mm f/9 lens. No movements applied, as the Linhof tilt is not geared and too difficult to make precise...
  3. P. Chong

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    No. At least not yet. I have only used the 907X hand held.
  4. P. Chong

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    Actually yes, the CFV II was on the 907X at this point. So I mis-typed the CFV II...apologies. Corrected.
  5. P. Chong

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    My session from today. Rollei X-ACT2 with the CFV 50C. Lens is a Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon 90mm/f8. I shot tethered to Phocus. Photographed with iphone during setup, before the cables are connected. This is LiveView from the back's LCD. The X-ACT2 is superbly rigid, and all controls are...
  6. P. Chong

    Leica S 007 70mm CS and 120mm CS all CRAZY CHEAP - trading in if no one buys

    Up for you. Wow. Great price! Wish I had the budget to buy it.
  7. P. Chong

    Fun with the M 10

    Playing with the Leica M10-R with Summilux 50 and Elpro52, while on an actual client shoot...(actual shoot was done on Canon EOS R5). Depth of field is miniscule, duh...its f/2.4...I forgot to stop down. Shot in the studio with strobes, composed with liveview. BTW, what may seem like...
  8. P. Chong

    Error codes Hasselblad HM 16-32

    My H3D has the same firmware level, and it works fine with the film back. I have a roll of Acros on it right now.
  9. P. Chong

    44x33 versus 54x40

    Ming is not at Hasselblad anymore. Left a while ago.
  10. P. Chong

    44x33 versus 54x40

    For studio work with strobes, I find the older CCD sensors at base ISO are perhaps a bit better than modern high megapixel sensors. Nicer CCD colors. And the fat pixels...much prefer the smoother gradations in tones and contrasts from the Dalsa fat pixels to the more crunchy 100Mp image of the...
  11. P. Chong

    XCD lenses... wow.

    What I mean is that it is very very tight. The first time I mounted the XCD90, I thought something was wrong. The H lenses mount smoothly, with light pressure, with a very reassuring and positive click when it is home.
  12. P. Chong

    XCD lenses... wow.

    this is my experience as well with the very tight mounting and unmounting. Also agree that all 3 systems are truly superb, and we are nit picking.
  13. P. Chong

    Best Macro Lens for GFX50R

    How about this one? Anyone tried?
  14. P. Chong

    XCD lenses... wow.

    I have only used the Leica S35, S70 and S120 (on S2 and S007), and XCD21, XCD45 and XCD90 (on X1D). I would be in general agreement with both posters. Perhaps the only thing to add is the S is not only much bulkier and much heavier, and also much more expensive. I have also used the Summicron...
  15. P. Chong

    DPR: 907X and CFV II 50C sample gallery and impressions

    I use Phocus for Hasselblad files, be it from the H3D or X1D.
  16. P. Chong

    Large format 4x6 and larger digital back?

    Hi all, I wonder if you have come across this? A member at the GFX680 FB site posted this link. And it looks quite interesting, if they are able to pull it off. 4x5 sensor with more than 500MB for about $100k is super expensive, to be sure, but not totally out of line with the prices of say the...
  17. P. Chong

    Fun with MF images

    Hawkers in their stall. This was taken at one of the best chicken cutlet curry noodles shop in town. The husband and wife team is seen through the grille as I queued for food. Yes, good stalls do sport rather long queues in Singapore, especially during peak meal times. This one is called...
  18. P. Chong

    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Thanks...yes, taxidermy products. There are lots of them peppered throughout the boutique. Including insects, some tribal masks, and I believe some shrunken heads (real ones), which got stuck in Customs for a while before they sorted it out that these were vintage, museum quality stuff. Here is...
  19. P. Chong

    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Didn't know about this thread, just saw are two photographs I took for a job in 2011. Malmaison by The Hour Glass in Singapore, then new. Leica S2 with Summarit-S 35 The store was an extraordinary mix of offerings in high living. From the watches on the lower level, to the books and...
  20. P. Chong

    Interesting video w Ed Hurst

    Apologies if this has been shared before, but I just saw this video. Good job Ed. Good video. Very impressive! Bravo. Btw, you gotta scroll past the first few minutes to when the host starts talking. And wait for the sound to come on. But by the time Ed comes on, sound and pic are all good.