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  1. Lars

    MF direction

    This was originally intended as a response to the MF look conundrum thread, but expanded beyond the scope of the thread so I'm posting a new thread instead. === As an aspiring landscape/fine art photographer, what I get out of my Nikon is very different from what I get out of my large format...
  2. Lars

    Actual experience of optical degradation from cheap filters?

    Has anyone experienced actual loss of resolution from using a cheap optical glass filter? This is a serious question. While coating certainly differentiates filters, I have yet to try a glass filter that actually is optically inferior WRT refraction properties. Perhaps I have not put my mind...
  3. Lars

    FS: Cokin X-Pro XL system

    Selling a Cokin X-Pro 5x7" filter system. Preferring to find a buyer for the whole system so no separate items available at this point. All filters in pristine condition in original pouches. Items: X027 warming 81B X121S gray grad strong X121M gray grad medium X121L gray grad light X122 blue...
  4. Lars

    Filters fused together, need to separate

    I have two 77mm Heliopan filters that seem fused together, a KR3 and a yellow-green filter. Both have brass rings. Any suggestions? I tried heat and cold but brass is more thermally stable than aluminum so that trick didn't seem to work. Soak in warm water? Something involving frickin' lasers...
  5. Lars

    Adapting large format lenses to Nikon mount

    I thought some more about adapting LF lenses to Nikon, have decided to give it a try. Suggested approach for experimenting: - Get a cheap F-mount bellows, they are as low as $25. - make a hole in a Nikon body cap to fit a Copal 0 shutter. - Mount lens. I have two lenses that should work (small...
  6. Lars

    D500 announced

    Impressive specs - this is pro level. 20.9 Mpx, 10 fps, insane buffer, weather sealing, no popup flash, ISO 51,200 extend to ISO 1.6M. On paper this seems like the camera I always wanted to abuse. Looking forward to previews/reviews.
  7. Lars

    Holga R.I.P.

    Holga factory closed down, end of an era. Holga Factory Ceases Operation of Holga Cameras! | Freestyle Photographic Supplies
  8. Lars

    Lumix GM5 and lenses first impression

    I got my GM5 as a complement to my Nikon D810 (and D700) system, so my comments should be seen in that perspective. GM5: Surprisingly small, surprisingly competent. IQ (especially high ISO) of course not comparable to my FF Nikons, but that was not to be expected. Body is slippery as a soap...
  9. Lars

    The Computational Imaging Thread

    Every month there seems to be another attempt to bypass the laws of optics using software - this is called Computational Imaging. We might as well keep one thread for an overall discussion of this topic. Here is a brief, incomplete inventory from my own perspective: Lytro: Attempt to capture...
  10. Lars

    Nikon Shooting/Custom menu banks - how do you use them?

    Starting with the D2X in 2005, I have tried to figure out how to best use the shooting and custom settings banks A/B/C/D. Let's just say I'm still trying to figure it out. Anyone like to share how they use those banks? Different scenarios? Multiple users? Weekdays? :) Lars
  11. Lars

    Forum search not working?

    Or perhaps I'm having a bad day... I went to the 4/3 forum, searched for GM5, no hits. Then I searched for 12-32, no hits. I found at least one thread that contains 12-32 in the post text. Also tried 12 32 as separate words. Is there a known problem with search? Thanks, Lars
  12. Lars

    D810 on the way - now what?

    :D:D:D I guess the first order of business is (figure out how to) evaluate whether the camera body is well aligned. Then go through my Nikon glass to decide what to keep.
  13. Lars

    The ugly duckling is here

    Light L16 weirdo with a hand grip. Looks like one of those spiders Bilbo ran into. So... I've worked with computational imaging, ressing up an image by combining multiple sensors. It's very difficult to get to work well. Add that the lens apertures and therefore the...
  14. Lars

    Profiling: How to determine ink levels?

    Hi, I am trying some third party ink and random papers, obviously all bets are off re color so profiling is mandatory. What is a good methodology to determine the right level of ink for a paper? I would imagine that perhaps printing a ramp or fully saturated CMYK could be useful perhaps? BTW...
  15. Lars

    Photo printing on a shoestring - share your experiences

    This thread is for everyone so inclined to share their experiences in printing photos on the cheap. I'll start. --- Speaking for myself, I like to print my photos and post on a wall at home to see if they work. This means I print a lot of A4/A3 size prints that will never see any distribution...
  16. Lars

    The best image stabilizer

    Tastefully Offensive: Chicken-Powered Image Stabilization (LG Commercial) Edit: Another similar video: Brown Owl remarkable head stability - YouTube
  17. Lars

    Lighting calculations - LED flash

    Hi forum, I need to calculate exposure (shutter, aperture, ISO) for an LED flash, given output in lumen, subject distance, and medium gray reflection. Exposure time will be shorter than flash duration, so for all practical purposes the light source is continuous. Looking for resources on how to...
  18. Lars

    FS: Tokina ATX-Pro 20-35/2.8 for Nikon

    Tokina ATX-Pro 20-35/2.8 AF for Nikon bayonet. All-metal sturdy build, clutch focus ring for fluid MF feel. Semi-internal focus - barrel is stationary while lens elements move. Filter thread is in barrel. All in all very sturdy. Performance: This lens is soft wide open with some falloff on the...
  19. Lars

    New job - Pelican Imaging

    In June I joined Pelican Imaging in Mountain View, CA, to work on application development for Pelican's computational camera technology. In short, Pelican's array camera produces an image with a depth map (distance information at every pixel). Read more at -Lars
  20. Lars

    Monochrome - Image editing - Beta testers wanted

    Alright, time to get this going: For some time now I’ve tinkered with a photo editing software, and I now feel that it’s close to good enough for others to try. The project is named "Monochrome". (Initially back in 2007 I had "Chrome" registered but obviously that didn't work out.) Features...