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  1. Mexecutioner

    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    why not borrow an iPad and test? I’m definitely not seeing any weird color stripes at all. I’d use capture one if I were to use this professionally though.
  2. Mexecutioner

    Sony a7R IV

  3. Mexecutioner

    Sony a7R IV

    Hi Greg, The garden has been doing well, thanks! We are diligent with the watering schedule and we have put shade cloth to protect it since there is a heat wave this week. Drip irrigation works wonders, but the drought problem is massive and has no end in sight. Have fun with your new Sony...
  4. Mexecutioner

    Sony a7R IV

    Good call Greg. I like the rendering of the Voigtlanders, used the 40 extensively but got rid of it recently as I got the new Sony 35 and 50. Of course now I miss it and may buy it again at some point along with the 50 APO. They just feel so good in the hands, small and with a lovely focusing...
  5. Mexecutioner

    WTB: Contax 645 IQ180/280 digital back

    That sucks, hopefully it will still sjhow up so you can enjoy it.
  6. Mexecutioner

    IQ4 Remote App

    it's been a bit over a month. Where is it?
  7. Mexecutioner

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    Personally I think why even ask this question? What’s the point? Do what you like.
  8. Mexecutioner

    Coffee Talk with Phase One/Neils Knudsen - June 4 @10am EDT

    Good presentation, I started reworking some old shots with the ProStandard profile and I am very pleased with the results so far.
  9. Mexecutioner

    Coffee Talk with Phase One/Neils Knudsen - June 4 @10am EDT

    Hi Steve, the link is not working well it opens like this: http://%E2%80%8Bhttps%3A// but should be this:
  10. Mexecutioner

    Phase one IQ1 digital back battery issue - any ideas?

    Even if it is only $200 it is crazy they don't fix this for free it being a design flaw. I imagine the "value added warranty" covers it though.
  11. Mexecutioner

    Phase One 150mm 2.8 BR Lens, 2x Teleconverter

    Sent you a message
  12. Mexecutioner

    Phase one IQ1 digital back battery issue - any ideas?

    Why not buy a new battery and test that way. Batteries don't klast forever, and if this is from an IQ140 the battery has been around for a while. I've never had issues like the ones you describe or had to clean any contacts for them to work. Besiudes these batteries are $70, so worth a shot.
  13. Mexecutioner

    IQ4 Remote App

    Not too long, next few weeks, according to OP.
  14. Mexecutioner

    IQ4 Remote App

    I don't have an IQ3, so no, but I used it quite a a bit a while back, so I will be able share my impressions and compare it once the new one is out. Since the "brains" of the IQ4 are allegedly 10X faster than the IQ3, I expect much better performance, of course.
  15. Mexecutioner

    Anyone considering the new GM 50mm f1.2?

    Mine shipped today and will be here on Friday. I’m hoping this weekend I can find some time to play around with it.
  16. Mexecutioner

    IQ4 Remote App

    Why? IQ3 still works with Capture Pilot doesn't it?
  17. Mexecutioner

    IQ4 Remote App

    We'll see what we get, hopefully a somewhat tested beta and not and alpha development contraption
  18. Mexecutioner

    What's the latest IQ3 firmware?

    Feature Update #8 is IQ4 only, so won't work on your IQ3. Feature update #8 will work on an XF, so you could update your camera body. I am unsure about the procedure when you have IQ3, perhaps someone else can chime in.
  19. Mexecutioner

    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    I don't think so, they've had more than enough time to do this. People are working from home and could write code safely in the comfort of their living rooms. After more than a year the pandemic excuse is wearing off. BTW I am not trying to be insensitive or dismiss the big problem the pandemic...