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  1. KlausJH

    Phocus Viewer no longer working with macOS 11.2.3 and other raw files

    Can anybody please verify this behavior: Since my last update to macOS 11.2.3 I can no longer view raw data that are not in a Hasselblad format, such as Sony .arw, or .dng. While the thumbnails still look fine, the viewer shows a very bright pink screen. I have switched to an older Phocus...
  2. KlausJH

    Hi from Germany

    GetDPI is such a valuable source of information with many nice people. I was following it for quite a while and finally joined the forum. I consider myself being an enthusiast since my 12th birthday when I got my first camera. My patents house was located near the factories of Rollei and...
  3. KlausJH

    Capture One Import from Hasselblad

    I have worked a little bit more on the import script to convert .3FR or .fff files using the Adobe DNG Converter. (macOS only) The workflow has become very simple. Copy all .3FR files from your sd card to a folder "HasselbIadC1" located in your picture folder. Run the script "Hasselblad_to_dng"...