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  1. J

    FS - PRICES REDUCED - Arca Swiss RM3Di - Bodies and Accessories

    Arca RM3Di and Factum bodies & accessories for sale. Items located in Ontario, Canada. All prices in USD + shipping & 3% PayPal. Please contact me via PM or [email protected] R-mount Rodenstock and Schneider lenses listed separately -...
  2. J

    FS - REDUCED PRICES - Arca Swiss Rodenstock 32HR 40HR

    Arca R-Mount Schneider and Rodenstock lenses for sale. Items located in Ontario, Canada. All prices in USD + shipping & 3% PayPal. Please contact me via PM or [email protected] Arca RM3Di & Factum bodies and accessories listed separately -...
  3. J

    Coastal Optics 60mm F4 UV-VIS-Macro APO

    Excellent condition with lowepro lens case. $4000 USD + PP + Shipping. Item located in Ontario Canada.
  4. J

    Nikon 200mm F2 VRII

    excellent condition. $3900 USD + PP + Shipping. Item located in Ontario, Canada.
  5. J

    IQ3 WIFI tethering

    I have always tethered via USB to my laptop and WIFI to Capture Pilot on iPad. Just wondering if I can connect my laptop (MacBook pro) via WIFI. This would, of course be with C1Pro as Capture Pilot is only for IOS. I cannot seem to get it working so far. Also, is there no IQ3 manual on the...
  6. J

    XF ISO in viewfinder

    Anybody know if you can have the ISO setting displayed in the viewfinder. It does show it if you're changing it, but doesn't seem to stay on in the main viewfinder display. Cheers.
  7. J

    Everest Basecamp kit advise

    This will be a slow/moderate paced 14 day trip. Main interest will be landscapes but looking to take some shots in the towns and villages as well. Need to keep things simple and on the lighter side. Can pick from pool of XF/IQ3100, Arca Rm3Di and Nikdon D850 and choices of various lenses...
  8. J

    Too much Bokeh?

    Just got the 105. Will post some pics once I have the lens trimmed and the kids agree to pose :) So far looks great, if not a little plasticky. These are my favourite "blurry" lenses for Nikon. Included the Coastal Optics, its f4, but a macro and does a great job on blurring backgrounds...
  9. J

    Trichromatic - thoughts for tech cam

    Looking to upgrade my IQ180 to an IQ3 100. Having read the various posts on the Trichromatic here already, any further thoughts on advantages/disadvantages for a tech cam in using the trichromatic? Appreciate any input.
  10. J

    ImagePrint v9 and OSX 10.12.xx

    Recently upgraded to Sierra, and today tried to use ImagePrint on my Epson and the dongle authentication would not work. After some trouble shooting wrote to Colorbyte (ImagePrint) and got the following. Apparently Version 9 is not supported on Sierra or El Capitan. I was quite surprised that...
  11. J

    Capture One 10 Upgrade 10% discount

    Just found this and upgraded, and it worked...if anyone is interested in saving 10 bucks. I have put it in my IQ3 upgrade fun :)
  12. J

    Preview Hands-On H6D

    Hands on with the Hasselblad H6D 50c/100c: Digital Photography Review Interesting that they say 3.2 fps for stills. Is this accurate? If so would be incredible...... "Of course, the CFast slot allows longer bursts at the maximum 3.2 fps in stills mode too."
  13. J

    Phase pricing moving in the right direction!

    This looks like a very decent offer, and within 5K of the Hassy. Credo 50 + XF for 20K. If I was in the market, I'd gladly pay the 5K for the difference in the XF body and C1. This is refreshing...
  14. J

    DT Tech cam samples

    Looks like Doug has the files up. Being in Canada, I don't appear to be getting an email download link. Has anyone had a chance to look? Mostly interested in the 32HR/100 vs. 32HR/80 images.
  15. J

    New 32HR + CF IQ3/100 Sample from Alpa

    ALPA of Switzerland - Manufacturers of remarkable cameras
  16. J

    IQ180 strange CHKDSK Error

    Got CHKDSK errors on multiple cards. Tried reformatting as well. Upgraded the firmware from 5.1.x to 6.x.x and problems appears to have gone away. Has anyone else experienced this? Just want to confirm that issue is gone, don't want to find out in the field. Or this may just be a sign to...
  17. J

    Pentax 645Z tethering with LR

    Looks like the Little Engine just got a little bit better! Lightroom plug-in for Pentax 645Z tethered shooting now available: Digital Photography Review
  18. J

    The Ultimate for tethering & editing?

    Surface Book announced. Microsoft Reveals the Surface Book Spec'd up to i7, 16GB, 1TB, super thin and 1.6lbs as tablet. As a laptop adds external GPU, additional battery and full keyboard. :banghead: but both USB ports are on the base!!!!! So tethering as tablet will be tough.
  19. J

    Voigtlander 15mm III thoughts?

    Anyone out there try this on an A7R yet? Initial reviews seem very positive. Curious as to how it compares with the 16-35.
  20. J

    C1 8.2 Color control/balance tool explained

    Despite all the moan & groan from all of us about the DF, DB pricing, upgrade policies etc. etc., I have to admit that C1 is pretty f'n awesome! ...and always made better by measurable improvements and features in every release. I am always amazed when I go back and edit RAW files from version...