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  1. Joe Colson

    The great tripod & head thread!

    Heck Brandon, we're all jealous. Joe
  2. Joe Colson

    The great tripod & head thread!

    You guys are in an exclusive level of Dante's inferno. But you're still subject to temperature checks when entering. ;) At this stage of my life, I'm looking for ways to lighten my load, so I have a Peak Design Travel Tripod and a Novoflex with removable legs. Both support either my Fuji GFX...
  3. Joe Colson

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Brandon, thanks for the detail. I had not heard of Lumenzia and had to do a Google search. Looks interesting. I have use the Tony Kuyper luminosity masking panels in the past but have been lazy lately. Joe
  4. Joe Colson

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Brandon, excellent b&w treatment of a subject made for b&w. I love it. And having lived in the Chicago area for 15 years, I'm still a Cubs fan. Which "recipe" did you use? One of the Fuji film emulations? Joe
  5. Joe Colson

    LR Metadata issues

    You can store your images on the NAS but not the LR catalog. Store the catalog on your computer's hard drive. Store the images on the NAS. That should solve your problem. Joe
  6. Joe Colson

    100S IBIS amazing to me

    Lou, I shoot in aperture mode and let the ISO float up to 6400. I typically use Topaz DeNoise AI if the resultant ISO is >1600. I haven't used a tripod yet with the 100S. Joe
  7. Joe Colson

    100S IBIS amazing to me

    Lou, I agree. The IBIS in the 100S is amazing. I never thought I'd be able to shoot handheld at 1/25 sec. with a 102MP medium format camera and get sharp images. I let my ISO float up to 6400 because noise is either nonexistent or easy to remove with Topaz DeNoise AI. I'm almost 74, by the way...
  8. Joe Colson

    Nikkor Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S Photos and Discussions

    One good tern deserves another. :ROFLMAO: Joe
  9. Joe Colson

    Nikon Z 24-200

    Nigel Danson uses that lens very successfully. You can watch his video on YouTube here. Looks like a great vacation/travel/hiking lens when weight is a critical factor. Joe
  10. Joe Colson

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Warren, I love these shots. The compositions, tones, lighting, subject detail, and background blur/bokeh are all very pleasing. Congratulations! I need to take a lesson from you on b&w conversion. Joe
  11. Joe Colson

    Fun with Sony Cameras 2021

    Dave, your images posted to the Web should probably be sRGB, not Epson RGB or Pro Photo. Joe
  12. Joe Colson

    Pic included in Royal Observatory / BBC astro photography awards

    Congratulations Ed! Your image looks right at home among that group. Well done! Joe
  13. Joe Colson

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Nice!!! Has the reinstated lockdown limited your ability to get out and shoot? Joe
  14. Joe Colson

    Fun with Sony Cameras 2021

    Both remind me of the TV series "Vera" which my wife and I watch (repeatedly). Joe
  15. Joe Colson

    SOLD: Fuji GF Lenses - 30mm, 45mm, 120mm Macro

    I'm selling some of my Fuji GF prime lenses - 30mm, 45mm, 120mm Macro - because I use the zooms almost exclusively. These lenses are like-new (10) because they literally haven't been used other than initially mounting them on the GFX camera body and testing functionality. They are each boxed...
  16. Joe Colson

    SOLD: Sony Alpha 1 a1 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only), LNIB

    This is a like-new Sony Alpha 1 a1 camera body. It has fewer than 2250 shutter actuations (see photo), and has no scratches, nicks, rubs or other signs of wear. It is packaged as-new with all accessories, owner documents and box. No issues with this camera. I'm selling it because I'm lucky...
  17. Joe Colson

    GFX100S RRS L Bracket

    I have the RRS on order and am using the Kirk L-bracket in the meantime. The Kirk works fine and so does the Fuji Hand Grip, but the RRS appears to be a better design. I'm happy to hear that RRS has started shipping. Joe
  18. Joe Colson

    Epson 3880 colour management issue: prints look like they were assigned from Prophoto to sRGB

    If you're using the same workflow as before, you may have an ink issue. Try swapping out ink cartridges to isolate the problem. How old are your inks? Joe
  19. Joe Colson

    Going back from GFX100S to SL2

    Peter, congratulations on the trade. Please keep us informed on how this works out for you. Joe