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  1. dchew

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    I just checked with RRS. The correct weight for the TFC-34L is indeed what Jon had: 4.56lbs/2.07kg Dave
  2. dchew

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    Hi Jon, As you point out, there is little difference in the overall size. The published weight is a bit confusing because the 34L says in one place 4.15 lb / 1882gms and in another place 4.56 lbs / 1.79 kg. 4.56 lbs is not 1.79 kg, it it 2.07 as you listed. However, I wonder if the 4.56 is where...
  3. dchew

    The great tripod & head thread!

    Here is one example, but there are countless other brands and sizes: I try to find ones that are not too heavy, but that is a problem with roller duffels. 10 lbs is pretty typical for this size. This is the largest...
  4. dchew

    The great tripod & head thread!

    Whenever I travel with a tripod I check a bag. It is the primary criteria for the size of checked luggage I buy. Roller bag duffels are my goto for checked luggage because they are longer in general. I am not willing to use a tripod shorter than a 24L. Dave
  5. dchew

    Technical Camera Images

    Rodi 138 Float, Alpa STC ~4 deg tilt. Just before the deluge. There was so much hail it looked like snow on the ground. Dave
  6. dchew

    Black reference with lens shade / compendium on a Rodenstock Aperture Mount lens

    I have one of the Alpa shades for the 138mm. It works really well; slips on and off quickly for shooting black reference frames. I am going to cut out a square piece of black ABS that is big enough to cover the lens shade so I don't have to remove the shade. Obviously that only works if the...
  7. dchew

    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    It does look like you can change the iso. Just not the shutter speed and (metadata) f-stop. Just like when they first introduced the exposure controls in live view. F-stop and shutter speed came later on Non-XT technical cameras. Dave
  8. dchew

    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    Hi Steve, Are you sure about that? I could be missing something because I can’t figure out how to do it. Dave
  9. dchew

    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    The app instructions say, "shutter speed from Cascable" on a technical camera, but I can't seem to get the slider to work. It is stuck on "Auto." Is there a way to change the electronic shutter speed from the app when using a technical camera? Dave
  10. dchew

    Coffee Talk with Phase One/Neils Knudsen - June 4 @10am EDT

    Thank you, Steve. I’ve been using the pro standard profile for a while and do like it. It is my default. Dave
  11. dchew

    Coffee Talk with Phase One/Neils Knudsen - June 4 @10am EDT

    Steve, I signed up but unfortunately had a conflict come up at the last minute. Was it recorded and will it be available? Dave
  12. dchew

    Diffraction correction with IQ4 150

    Couple things. First, like Greg and Bill, I think diffraction effects have been a bit over emphasized, especially their effects on printed images. Second, C1 diffraction correction seems to work very well. Third, backing up and cropping the image doesn’t actually help you. If you work out the...
  13. dchew

    Alpa Linhof backs

    According to the 2010 revision of their product line they did. See page 4: Alpa Brochure 2010-01 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 (all Linhof) and 6x9 (Mamiya) Dave
  14. dchew

    Phase one IQ1 digital back battery issue - any ideas?

    Here is an excellent threat on P1 batteries and chargers: Dave
  15. dchew

    What is "composing in camera"?

    One thing that I find interesting about the "crop or not crop" discussion is related to what Vieri said in his well-thought post: There is the obvious difference between perspective and crop. Traditional perspective is defined by the camera position relative to the subject. That defines how the...
  16. dchew

    Technical Camera Images

    Ha! You reminded me I do have an old one in a bin somewhere. I should do exactly that. Since I already have it, does that count in Dante's world? I did very much miss my 2-stitch pano opportunities without the 60/138. Here is a makeshift crop from the 35xl. Thankfully we had just climbed a...
  17. dchew

    Technical Camera Images

    A little back story for this. My Sister and her husband have a cottage on Lake Cushman. I've never been there, but had an opportunity to get there last weekend while traveling to Portland for work. She wanted me to bring the camera, and was planning a 8-10 mile hike. I swapped out the Alpa 12+...
  18. dchew

    SSD RAID, anybody running one?

    Hi K-H, Trying to figure out if I need to upgrade to SoftRaid 6 when I migrate to Big Sur. I've been using SSD's and OWC's SoftRaid Lite with Catalina. I am preparing to upgrade to Big Sur, but wasn't too thrilled about upgrading to the new SoftRaid v6. I have a few OWC enclosures and one Orico...
  19. dchew

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Stanley, I love the U-Haul trailer sticking up above the wall. (y) Dave
  20. dchew

    Focus stacking or hyperfocal in landscapes with tech cam

    My approach is similar to Rob's. I start with tilt. If that doesn't work because of the scene, then I will usually try DoF up to f/16. There are timse when I rely on focus stacking, but usually it is my last resort for a specific situation. Here is an example where I couldn't quite get tilt to...