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  1. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    Okay, I lied... The lens is just too darn much fun so here's one more LOL! Z7, Viltrox 85 at f1.8:
  2. BeeWorking2.jpg


  3. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    One more from the Viltrox 85 and I'll leave you alone for a few days LOL! This at f2.8 with a "Velvia" style process:
  4. weed.jpg


  5. Jack

    Viltrox 85mm for Nikon Z -- initial mini review with some pics.

    FWIW in case it's critical for you, this lens exhibits a teeny bit of pincusion distortion. I find adding 1% of generic barrel correction in C1 pretty much eliminates it.
  6. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    Another from the 85mm Viltrox, this one at f1.8. Processed in C1 to B&W with the grain and vignette added.
  7. mailboxes.jpg


  8. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    New lens arrived today, a Viltrox 85 for the Nikon Z. This is one from its from its first outing. Taken at f3.5.
  9. Succulent.jpg


  10. Jack

    Viltrox 85mm for Nikon Z -- initial mini review with some pics.

    So I pulled the trigger on a Viltrox 85 in Z mount based on the mostly positive initial reviews. Note that historically I've not spent a lot of time with the 85 focal. I don't know exactly why, I do like the way they render, but always seemed to grab my 105 instead. That's the main reason I...
  11. Viltrox1.jpg


  12. viltrox1crop.jpg


  13. Viltrox2_f4bok.jpg


  14. Viltrox3Cornercrop.jpg


  15. Viltrox3f3.5.jpg


  16. ViltroxeyeAFf4.jpg


  17. ViltroxeyeCrop.jpg


  18. Jack

    BIG PRINT order from old digital file

    For me, I found that older sub 12 MP digital files usually printed out large best on canvas -- it's pretty forgiving with detail due to the texture yet renders color exceptionally well. YMMV...
  19. TruckandCombine_ACROS.jpg


  20. Jack

    D50/160 Monitor profile spec, ISO12646

    @Darin Marcus, I do find that the full grayscale looks more natural and separated, more "filmlike" for lack of a better term.