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  1. citizin

    Dedicated Tethering with older Macbook Pro

    I have an older Macbook Pro ( 2013 13" ) that would tether just fine back in the day and at some point in the OS upgrades it become to slow and boggy to use adequately. Recently I retired it with the IPad Pro and re-installed 10.8 ( Mountain lion on it ) and Phocus 2.8.4 and it's back to...
  2. citizin

    Not another Hasselblad repair horror story.

    Got a used Hasselblad H4D a few months ago. I was in the market for a new one, so I was throwing out lowball offers for a few weeks with no luck. One of the very first offers I threw out, emailed me back offering to sell it, and he'd throw in the 35-90mm for my offer of $5k cdn, if i still...
  3. citizin

    Shutter Count

    What's a "normal" average for shutter actuations for MF? I'm looking at upgrading my body/back. My camera has been my main workhorse for the last 7+ years, and it's >110K. I'm curious, everything I've seen for sale online is well below half that.
  4. citizin

    The Azores

    Hi GetDPI crew! The two of us are heading the the Azores Islands at the end of the month! We already have a few spots we want to check out but we always like meeting up with people with the same interests when we travel. Will any others of us be there? Thank you, Ryan Farr.
  5. citizin

    Mexico City -> XXX -> Mexico City

    Just started Planning a Trip to Mexico for this spring. Thinking a week to 10-12 days. Thinking about landing in the capitol, renting a car and heading out to a coast. Then end up back in Mexico city for easter weekend. Looking for suggestions.
  6. citizin

    Speculation : Sony MF system

    Since sony's now making MF sensors, what's really stopping them from entering the MF camera market as well. I could see sony wanting reviving the contax system to get into MF, Sony already has been using Ziess lens.
  7. citizin


    Going down for a week in two weeks. My sister lives there and got me a ticket. I have no idea what to check out, but don't want to be a tourist. Any suggestions?