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  1. jecxz

    GFX100 Struggles

    I'm struggling with a few issues with my new GFX100. I do not mean to complain, this is an incredible camera. I recently learned the GFX100 does not have a Profiles option like other cameras do. I'm quite disappointed. The Save User Settings option only saves a few things and for a camera with...
  2. jecxz

    Need GFX100 Setup Help

    Hi Guys, I could use some help; I have a particular way of working and need the camera to work my way. I have finished reading the manual and I cannot get the setup answers that I need. Here is how I want the camera to operate and thank you in advance for your setup guidance. 1. Front dial for...
  3. jecxz

    Medium Format Insurance

    Hi guys, happy summer to everyone! I thought there was an insurance thread but I cannot find it so I'm asking for your experience on the matter. My current insurance company for my MF gear has increasingly added more and more exclusions; their latest: damage from silica is now excluded. Silica...
  4. jecxz

    Going Aluminum

    I visit this forum to keep up to date on what other medium format photographers are doing and in turn I want to share what I've been up to for the past several months... I've been printing photographs on aluminum (I call them Aluminums) in preparation for a solo exhibition that I have September...
  5. jecxz

    Hasselblad @ 800mm

    This post is duplicative of my post @ and I thought I'd share my results here. I've been testing the Hasselblad HTS over the past several months and I am extremely happy with the results. While I do not use it all the time, I find it to be a necessary part...
  6. jecxz

    Ice Hole Fishing

    Some of you may have seen a few of my ice hole fishing photographs from the Fun with MF images thread. A few of you suggested putting together a series of them and that was a good idea (thanks!). Please take a look, the 14 photographs are located at the below link; just click the Ice Hole...