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    Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm MK II

    A new KIT Lens for the XF is coming:
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    Digital Transition on lenses for the IQ4 150

    So, i went thru the article DT posted here about lenses for the 150 Mpx era: Lenses for 150 Megapixels – Phase One IQ4 My 120 LS BR is considered a "Great" lens. I wonder why PC Mag tested it then as one of the best lens they ever tested...
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    Pentax 67 to Phase One XF

    Anyone tried the Fotodiox Pentax67 adapter to Mamiya 645 on a Phase One XF? I asked Fotodiox and they told me "This will not work with the Phase One XF due to that this adapter will not fit in there mount to difference in tolerance issues". Maybe some cutout in the adapter is needed here to...
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    Phase One future upgrades?

    Now that Phase One seems to have established three variations of there 100 Mpx Sensor, (IQ3 100, Achromatic, and now Trichromatic) i wonder how they will handle future upgrades when the 150 MPX sensor will show up. Release a normal 150 IQ3 150, then the Achromatic and finally a Trichromatic...
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    35mm Blue Ring Schneider and lens flares?

    Early morning shot with my XF IQ3 100 and the 35mm BR. Looks like a lens flare or something. Is that a normal behavior for this lens shooting into the light?
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    100mp Phase One vs Canon 5DSR and A7RII So, the Canon TSE 24 is better than the Rodenstock HR40 isn´t this some sort of .. blasphemy??
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    Nodal Point Phase One XF and Schneider LS35 Blue Ring Lens

    Has anybody done the mesurement and can tell me what he found, i am trying for some time now and i think i am starting to get nuts...