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    Arca Swiss D4M Knob Placement

    Hi guys, I prefer to use pan and tilt heads with independent movements, and I enjoy my Manfrotto 229 (converted to Arca Swiss) but it's an absolute beast, weighing 4.5 pounds, easily. I was looking at the Arca D4m (non-geared), and was confused at how some of the images have the tilt locking...
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    Arca Swiss QuickLink - How does it work?

    I've been trying to decide between the Kirk Tripod Head Quick Disconnect system, and the Arca Swiss QuickLink system for switching between multiple platforms and multiple heads. I've watched every video and seen every image I could of the QuickLink system. The Arca QuickLink looks faster and...
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    ZF 25 2.0 vs Batis 25 2.0?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has compared the ZF/ZE 25mm f/2 to the Batis 25 f/2 on a Sony A7 series? I would go with the Batis, but I'd rather have as many Nikon mount aperture ring lenses that I can get (except for maybe the Canon 35 1.4L II and Sigma 20 1.4 Canon mounts), so they can be...