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    The GFX100S – a smaller, yet still powerful sibling of the flagship GFX100

    I too have issues with the rear command dial of the GFX100, but it can be overcome with finesse. That said, the B&H reviewer has indicated that the 'command' dials of the GFX100s have been improved to the extent that they are no longer "too easy" to push inwards. However, that remains to be seen.
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    GFX100 Struggles

    Although it may prove useless in the field, Fujifilm X Acquire does allow one to save settings for the GFX cameras. I've saved the settings for my 3 GFX cameras to this software, however, I have yet to have had the need to reinstall them, so I can't attest to how well it works.
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    Fuji NP-T125 dual battery charger?

    Hi Dave, I have the Kastar dual charger for the GFX100/50s/50r batteries and it works just fine, been using it for several years. Ron
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    GFX 100 questions

    I couldn't agree more. The GFX100/GF 45mm are my favorite combo as well, together, they make for a great walk-around kit, second only to, IMO, the GFX50s with the GF 45-100mm OIS attached, and I've successfully printed large with the 50s' files. Regards, Ron
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    GFX 100 questions

    Quote: "I had the 50R briefly, but sent it back and glad I did. My situation is not like yours since I have one right eye so an RF style camera works for me." I assume that you meant to say '50s'? My only objection to the 50r is its grip. I have both the Small Rig wooden L bracket/grip, as...
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    GFX 100 questions

    I would have to agree, in re the GF 45-100 F/4. I'd originally purchased that lens for its OIS and my GFX50r, but I'd found the combination to be a tad nose heavy. So I'd transferred the lens to my GFX50s, where it is very happy and will likely be a permanent resident. The GFX50r, however, now...
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    Need GFX100 Setup Help

    Hi Derek, I cannot address all of your concerns due to the fact that we approach camera use differently, but the "C" position on the lens allows one to change Aperture from the front dial. With the lens set to "C", click inwards once on the dial and it will switch from ISO to Aperture. Click...
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    Which GFX

    I own and use all 3 GFX's, and while the GFX100 offers the most advanced internals, the GFX50s is the one I go for most often when my hands are at their steadiest, otherwise, the IBIS of the GFX100 is a boon. As one poster has indicated, the 50s is easier to hold than the 50r, with its deeper...
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    Arca Swiss Cube

    Your C1 cover appears to be an elegant solution, mine is a bright yellow wash cloth (LOL). However, Arca does offer a costly leather case that can be ordered from B&H, but from the reports that I've encountered it is not form fitting, and the cube can rattle around inside. And if you leave...
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    Arca Swiss Cube

    I'm Curious, why are you selling your Arca cube? I've just replaced my RRS BH-55 with a C1-GP Classic and couldn't be happier. But my use is for Macro and yours might differ.
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    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    The pre-purchase of C21—and download of the latest c20 version with new KEY—had automatically deactivated my existing KEY for C20. However, after installing the latest C20 version, along with the new KEY code and activating same, everything was back to normal.
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    Fuji GFX 50mm lens half price

    As you've indicated, the GF50mm had been a good purchase at the time of the 50% discount, but it is currently selling at its original MSRP. That said, and despite the excellent IQ offered by this lens I rarely use it, and instead have made the GF 45-100mm OIS my permanent GFX50r mounted lens...
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    First photos of the GF45-100

    I realize that this is an old thread, but I too had found my GFX100 too heavy to carry on a daily basis, and when the recent GFX50r discount went live I'd ordered one as a daily or almost daily carry. That camera, with the GF50mm onboard is very comfortable to hang from my shoulder, but the...
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    Thank you for the link.
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    Nice photos. It appears that the only way to post to this site is via a URL, is that correct?
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    The S1H arrived a few hours ago and I've only had a short time to set it up and fire off a few snaps, but it is virtually clean at ISO 6400 ... even 20,000. Pretty amazing. However, I'd acquired a few images from my home (behind Low E—metallic coated— impact glass) to the opposite side of the...
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    I had viewed that video and found this as well, "Trace is not completely sure of his findings as yet and needs to do some more tests. He notes that this only seems to occur when using the V-Log picture profile". It appears that the S1 requires the V-log software key for the dual—assuming that...
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    I've done some further, more in depth testing of the S1r at high ISO, and up to ISO 3200 it is fine, and acceptable at 6400. The noise at 6400 can be mitigated to some extent in C1 with noise reduction, and the degree of effectiveness appears to vary with the imaged subject. The end result...
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    Hi, I did not scale the images, just downloaded the S1r and S1 RAW files as they were and imported them into C1 Pro 20 as is. I do not have an answer, in re in camera noise reduction, although your assessment may be correct, but I was able to equalize the noise characteristics of the S1r's...
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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    Interesting note, but the unscientific test that I'd described had not involved any downsizing, just a small amount of noise reduction in C1. I do not have an S1, only an S1r, but it would be useful if someone with both the S1 and S1r could reproduce what I'd done with noise reduction under...