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    Teamwork in Conversation webinar with Phase One

    Have to say i was a little bit dissapointed, beside the usual marketing stuff i was expecting a little more sincerity, something like: Q: Hey Drew, we are waiting 2 years now for wireless remot control, why does it take that long? A: Ähm, that´s because one coder is on sabbatical, the other...
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    The GFX100S – a smaller, yet still powerful sibling of the flagship GFX100

    Comparing this against my XFIQ3, why i am thinking of dinosaur and extinction...
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    Support for the Hasselblad X series in Capture One

    If i remember Hasselblad closed the the platform and let Phase One stand in the rain so they had to switch over to Mamiya adapt their bodys (which was a pain in the a$$) and finally came up with the XF body so they have good reason for not supporting them. Hasselblad (or Hasselblöd as i call...
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    Fuji GFX100S priced at $5999

    Is there a 200 MP sensor already on the Sony Roadmap?
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

    My guess is that the IQ4 is drawing much more power and the XF just could not supply this internally without going damaged.
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

    Is there any statement from Phase One for releasing an update that makes things even worse? The more i watch this disaster the more i get the feeling there is something fundamently wrong in the hardware that can´t be overcome with firmware fumbling.
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

    Tried again with an empty CF-card and it went through without issues, seems there need to be enough space on the card to write some stuff on it, so lesson learned and all fine now.:)
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

    I tried to update my IQ3100+XF (4.02.7.fwp installed) but it failed half way and i had to shut down camera and back to get it work again; anybody else with this dissapointing behavior?
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    Rodenstock 138mm Float

    Impressive lens, i would like to see a direct comparison between the 120 BR Macro and this one.
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    Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm MK II

    A new KIT Lens for the XF is coming:
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    Has P1 defocused back upgrades to fund C1 R&D? And what does one pay for in C21 anyway?

    Two years, guess it´s time for the IQ5 isn´t it?:) I thought there was a rumour that Sony would by the hardware part of P1, any news on that?
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    Large format in the time of digital photography.

    Just took a look a the comparison test; the 23mm Digaron is fine but nowhere as sharp as let´s say the 90mm. The new 138mm Digaron will leave everything behing in terms of resolution. You can very easy make a stitch with these lenses and get 2 or 3 times the resolution. Things will look quite...
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    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    As a owner of a Cube gp and a Monoball p0 i would never take the Cube outside unless i have a mule uhm i mean assistant to haul it for me. That´s all i have to say.
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    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    Woo... Drew killed Alpa? Sounds a little bit too dramatic i guess. I thought they have their Silex-shutter which can be used with any kind of lens regardless which internal shutter it has? Not to forget their loyal Chinese fans who will never buy something from Netherland, a country most Chinese...
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    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    I am missing the new 138mm Rodenstock in the list, too heavy or too expensive? (just joking). Seriously, has Phase One that one reserved for themselves? Another point that i would like to know, if you put a Cambo lens with cable on an XT can you still trigger the camera with the button on the...
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    Phase One X-Shutter Expansion program is officially announced

    If i get this right then you can not use a existing Digaron lens to let it mount into a "true" XT adapter with pins, you only get a version with cable. If you want a true XT lens you have to buy it new, very clever Phase One, Thank you.
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    DIY *one shot* wake-up + shutter release cable (e.g., Phase One IQ4 to Hasselblad V lens with leaf shutter)

    Little O.T. here, is the round plugin that goes straight in the back something you can buy from LEMO or any other manufacturer?
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    Automatic stacking with the IQ4 150 and Cambo Actus XL

    That´s an impressive camera setup for sure, but is it that much better than the Novoflex Castel solution which seems to me much more lighter and smaller, though you have the same lens and back.
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    P1 substantially increasing prices

    Hmm, according to your price list upgrading my IQ3 100 to IQ4 150 is $21.990 but upgrading and old IQ140 is $25.000 which means my back is just around $3000 more worth than a back that´s 3xtimes older?