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    SOLD: 120GB XQD cards for sale

    Hi. I've got two Sony (G series) XQD cards in like-new condition, each 120GB. Looking to get around $120 each. If you buy both, I'll ship them in a nice protective case made for these cards (and room for a few more).
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    WTB: Arca Swiss adapter for Phase One (trade for HB V)

    Somehow I lost mine...looking for a used one for around $300. Can also trade for a Hasselblad V version which I no longer use.
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    Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95

    The newest version of the famed lens. In perfect working condition. Clean glass, tiny ding in retractable hood that doesn’t affect it. You could replace this if it bothers you, but it’s not noticeable say-to-day. Otherwise immaculate. Selling just as I never use it since shooting one wedding...
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    WTB center filter for Schneider Super Digitar 28

    Found the lens, now looking for the filter.
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    WTB Schneider lenses: Super Digitar 28XL, 43XL, 120 ASPH

    Just the lens, or in Cambo or Arca mount or however I can get it. Willing to pay above market. Trades/partial trades possible including SK 35, 60, 90, 150, current gen and last gen Rodenstock, and XCD and Leica M lenses.
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    FS or trade: X1D 4116 field kit w/ 30, 45, 90 + 21, 120, 135

    Parting with my lightly used Hasselblad special edition field kit, as I’m getting into view cameras and need to fund that endeavor. Comes with very clean X1D in the black body (very tiny nick at the top, very minor usage scuff at bottom) plus GPS unit. XCD 30, 45, and 90 all fit snugly with...
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    WTB: Schneider Kreuznach 120 f/5.6 APO Digitar ASPH

    Preferably in Cambo mount but naked or in lens board is fine. May consider other mounts as well. I've missed the opportunity on two of these recently, and it's driving me nuts. I have been searching far and wide for a long while. Let me know even if you're thinking about selling at some point...
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    WTB: Rodenstock 32/4 HR-W in Arca R mount

    Had a chance to purchase this lens a while back, but didn’t have a use for it. Now I do ;)
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    WTB: Arca Swiss folding rail 30cm

    I believe it’s the monorail II, looking for the one that folds into 15cm.