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    High ISO and Panasonic S1r vs S1

    I am a Panasonic S1r owner/user and am aware of the stated superiority of the S1 vs S1r when it comes to low light/high ISO situations. And there are several Internet posts that attempt to demonstrate the difference via their low quality photos (low quality due to Internet requirements), but I...
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    Panasonic Lumix S 50mm F/1.4

    In my past experience, the cost of Leica SL lenses has been justified by their quality and ability to facilitate the highest IQ. And it was with that in mind that I'd ordered an SL Summilux 50mm F/1.4 for my S1r. But a little voice had suggested, given the huge price differential, that I obtain...
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    Unhealthy Forums

    I have deleted any links that I may have had to the Leica SL Forum. There lurks a level of insanity that I have not seen since my days as a medical intern, rotating through a city psyche unit. It appears that many participants have lost all sense of reality and purpose, and have latched onto...
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    Digital Archiving Software for OSX (Mac)

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a non Adobe archiving product? I have been naming and labeling files by hand, or via PhotoMechanic, but have found the process rather tedious. I've been searching, so far unsuccessfully, for software that will accomplish that task and allow for easy, or relatively...
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    Fuji GFX100 Messenger type Shoulder bag?

    Hello, I've grown accustomed to the easy access that messenger styled bags afford and I wonder if any GFX100 owners have found one that might work with this camera and, for example, a GF45mm attached?
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    Fuji GFX Vertical Grip Lock Lever has play

    Hello, I am aware of the problem that early adopters had experienced with the Vertical Grip Lock switch/lever. That said, I'd received a new GFX100 this past Friday (9/20/19) and have since noticed that said Lock Lever has a small amount of back a forth play. My camera's serial number is well...