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    Capture One, new download process, "at least for me"

    Placing this here as I don't see that much traffic in the "software" forum for C1 issues. Just wanted to give a heads up, as it appears the old way, (which worked for the last 15 or so years), no longer works for downloading C1. You have to go to The complete photo editing software solution...
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    Phase One IQ4150 Issues, Problems and bugs (Please add yours to the list)

    What started me thinking for this post was a previous form post where it was mentioned the owners 4150 tends to stay in the safe. After reading that I realized that in the past 6 months, so has mine during many shoots. The shooting experience for me with the 4150 just is not the same as the...
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    Remote id for drones is coming sooner than later I realize options vary but if you fly a drone you should read this. Current proposal for remote id will require a internet connection to send info to FAA. If you can’t connect...
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    Quick example of Frame Averaging on IQ4

    This is from a recent shoot I did in Clarendon Arkansas. I love old truss bridges and there is a real wonder built in 1870 on the Union Pacific line there. I have shot this bridge many times but never with a sunset, and wanted to try it. The conditions were perfect for Frame Averaging, as...
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    Capture One 12 Amazing masking tool which really has matured

    I hate to post this in the Medium Format section, and Admin's can move it. However I don't feel that the "software" section on this forum gets a lot of traffic. Point of my post is that if you have not looked at the masking toolset in Capture One in a few years or so, you really need to review...
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    Heads Up on Phase One batteries/Watson Charger

    I have used the 2 bay Watson charger on all my camera batteries where I there is a interchangeable tray available. Last night after using a 1.5 to 2 year old Phase battery, 2900 milliamp. Black plastic, I went to charge it in the Watson charger. Luckily I did not go to bed for a while as I...
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    Storm clouds after sunset, Little Rock AR

    [/url]Storm clouds after sunset Little Rock by paul caldwell, on Flickr[/IMG] Took a few exposures, 2 5 shots AEBs on a M2 Pro, but was able to capture this one right after sunset. Amazing cloud over the city. Paul C
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    Capture One Masking toolkit (worth the cost of the software alone)

    I have for years felt that the masking capabilities provided by Capture One, were not on par with other software tools, mainly comparing it to LR. After watching a view C1 videos and reading some info, I have to say, Capture One has some really powerful masking tools. The Auto mask has...
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    IQ4 recording at wrong image format, 14 bit instead of 16 bit EX

    Thanks to another forum member I just realized this issue, only after 2 full days of shooting however. The IQ4 with the latest firmware is not recording at the 16 EX extended quality or normal 16 bit when selected, instead it's writing at 14 LOW quality, amazing. You can select the 16 Bit EX...
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    Quick note of thanks to Capture Integration

    Just a quick note to let others on this forum know that I am very grateful for the support I received from Capture Integration/Atlanta on my 4150 back. My back was prone to many errors, mainly on display of captured files, but it was also having other issues that were of concern to me. I...
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    Sunset from Arkansas, western Pulaski County, DJI Drone

    One from a few days ago, Mavic 2 Pro, bracketed shot for exposure. Taken right as the flooding started Little Rock. Paul C [/url]05_31_19 flooding Sunset over Pinnacle Valley by paul caldwell, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Phase One Value Add Warranty and used backs question

    I was informed today, that only a dealer can implement a Value Add warranty request. So if you sell your back, outside of the dealer channel and it still has value add warranty, how is that going to be handled. There are 5? or so Phase One dealers in the US, but I see nothing in the Value...
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    New Firmware coming for the IQ4 details from Capture Integration

    After talking with the Steve and Brad at Capture Integration, it seems that Phase has been working on a new firmware for the IQ4, which will add several new features: This firmware adds: 1) Power Share 2) Auto Gain Live View 3) Self Timer for ES 4) Zoom up to 400% in Live View Here is a link...
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    Question about the 150mm Wine County system on P1 35mm Blue Ring

    I received the system, with the 105mm adapter ring. Net, the ring appears to be fine threaded, and after one turn, it will not screw into the front thread on either the Phase One 35mm BR, 40-80 BR, or 75-105, with a 95mm to 105mm step up ring. Instead it binds about about 1 turn. Nowhere...
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    IQ4 and Arca rm3di question for anyone

    As many tech camera users have already received the IQ4, I have a question for any of the users with an Arca Rm3di. With the IQ3, 100, you needed to add a different back plate (plate the back mounts to) you needed to upgrade the plate since there were more pin outs (as I remember for power...
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    Heads up on new PayPal payment hold policy

    During a recent transaction on my website, I noticed that my payment from the customer was not sent to my account, instead placed on a 21 day hold. Upon inquiring as to why this was done, I was told that PayPal can place any incoming payment in such a hold. When I asked what is necessary to...
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    US Supreme Court ruling on sales tax, wonder if it will effect back sales?

    Looks like the supreme court has closed the no sales tax loop hole on internet sales. Wonder if this will have any effect on Digital back sales, considering most sales tax rates are in the 9.5 to 10 percent range, that does add a considerable amount to the purchase. Wonder if this effects...
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    D850 does appear to use a Sony Sensor

    For some reason, Nikon has never stated who makes the sensor for the D850, and there has been a lot of speculation on this. Over at Nikon rumors, they have a tear down (makes me...
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    Lee SW-150 adapter for Nikon 19mm--recall due to incorrect tolerances

    Just a heads up, if you have a Nikon 19mm and have considered or own the Lee Filter SE-150 adapter, Lee has recalled most of the ones that were shipped in the later part of Nov and all of Dec 2017. Issue is that the adapter tolerance is off by about 2mm and will allow the filter to hit the...
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    Question on Capture Pilot and iPhone image transfer

    Does anyone know if you can copy an image being displayed in Capture Pilot to the photos folder on the iPhone? I can display the image but can't get the jpg to transfer to the phone. Thanks Paul Caldwell