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  1. thovenmedia

    IQ4 150 help working out how to get to a reliable histogram please.

    As I mostly shoot in the studio. I have learned two things with the XF when shooting outdoors, first I close the shade that's in the back of the prism and I use the zone system found in the Digital back instead of the histogram. Last but not least, plus one on @vjbelle comment on not buying a...
  2. thovenmedia

    Broncolor PulsoSpot4

    Weekend bump!
  3. thovenmedia

    Broncolor PulsoSpot4

    Weekend bump!
  4. thovenmedia

    Broncolor PulsoSpot4

  5. thovenmedia

    FS: Szabad Sweden Camera Stand 8 ft (SOLD)

    I don’t want to hijack @spuhz thread, but incase his stand is no longer available. I have a cambo with a Mono-20 available. @Qamagroup
  6. thovenmedia

    Broncolor PulsoSpot4

    Weekend bump!
  7. thovenmedia

    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    Plus one on what @anyone said above.
  8. thovenmedia

    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    You can’t use this adapter with the IQ1 100 because the IQ1 100 does not have an electronic shutter.
  9. thovenmedia

    Broncolor PulsoSpot4

    I am looking to sell one of my Broncolor PulsoSpot4 with new flash tube because I don’t need two. The PulsoSpot4 comes with a new flash tube along with a fresnel. I’d like $1250 net to me please.
  10. thovenmedia

    Phase One Feature Update 8

    Has anyone else notices both the Digital back and the XF drain batteries much faster than feature update 7? In fact, it seems like my MacBook Pro 16 can't keep the Digital back charged while I am tethered.
  11. thovenmedia

    Can you wirelessly trigger IQ4

    That's interesting! I suppose the payload for the Air Remote is different than the Air Remote TLL.
  12. thovenmedia

    Can you wirelessly trigger IQ4

    I think you might be able to get the Air Remote TTL transmitter to behave just like the Air Remote if you turn off TLL and I think it’s called XSync (canon version) on the Air Remote TTL? I mostly use Broncolor so I don’t own any Air Remote TTL transmitters. I forgot to mentioned that I...
  13. thovenmedia

    Phase One Feature Update 8

    These features are only available on the IQ4.
  14. thovenmedia

    Can you wirelessly trigger IQ4

    The profoto air remote can trigger flash up to 1000ft. I think you’ll be ok with a profoto air remote until Phase One releases the new app next year.
  15. thovenmedia

    Hasselblad: Phocus Or Lightroom

    I would echo the same thing. I have both a Hasselblad X1D 4116 and Phase One IQ4, I use Phocus when I shoot with the X1D and obviously Capture One for the IQ4. Two of my favourite tools in Phocus are curve and the color correction tool. Also, Phocus has Broncolor flash control built in. If you...
  16. thovenmedia

    Can you wirelessly trigger IQ4

    I would say yes you can. If the IQ4 is mounted to an XF, you can use a profoto air remote to trigger the camera (I do this all the time when I am shooting still life). You can always use Capture One to wirelessly trigger the digital back no matter what the digital back is mounted to.
  17. thovenmedia

    Positive feedback for francesconyc

    I sold an Arca-Swiss D4 and a Cube to Francesco, his payment and communication were prompt. Very easy and smooth transaction!
  18. thovenmedia

    WTB Arca Swiss D4 or Cube

    I have both an cube and a D4. Let me know which is your preference.
  19. thovenmedia

    WTB - Phase One IQ3 100 Standard or Trichromatic with XF body

    I know you’re looking for a 35mm/55mm/80mm. I have a 45mm that I don’t often use. Please let me know if you’re interested, thanks.
  20. thovenmedia

    Schneider Kreuznach Phase One 150mm LS f/2.8 IF BR - blue ring

    PM your offer, I have one with its original box along with a Phase One lens wrap.