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    XE-1 - possible to connect to tablet?

    Hi Does anyone know whether it is possible to connect an android tablet to an XE1 so you can use it like a TV monitor? I know tethered or remote control is not possible but what about playback? It would be useful to be able to attach my 7inch tablet to my tripod and playback through the...
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    Hi New GF1 owner with MF assist question

    Hi Folks I have enjoyed the using my e410 with the tiny kit lenses so much, I thought i'd try "downsizing" even further plus have a go at video, so the GF1 has joined my household. I got the body only with the 4/3 adapter and I can use the kit lenses from the E410 plus my nikon lenses in MF...
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    How well does the E410 stand up to recent offerings?

    I'm thinking of the 620, G1 and EP1 in respect of A3 sized prints at base ISO. Has anyone done any careful print comparisons? I ask because I really appreciate the compact size and low weight of the 410 and its twin kit lenses but I got and end of line sell off so cheap that psychologically...
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    I like the 40-150 on the 410

    The fantastic little kit lens focuses fast, silently and accurately - it seems subjectively more reliable than my 450D as long as there is decent light. Not so good in dim light - I had some trouble getting a lock at all on occasions. Still, I won't be using it for low light and so far it...
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    Hi Everybody

    Seasons Greetings for my first post! I've just picked up a E410 + 2 kits lenses for a reasonable £169 from PC World (UK). The idea is to replace my G7 which I use as a carry everywhere camera (and which my daughter mauled with a single swipe which ripped off the front of the lens. Making a...