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    FS - PRICES REDUCED - Arca Swiss RM3Di - Bodies and Accessories

    Is the Rotaslide still available?
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    Cloud Storage

    I would have all the files on a drive that would be in my suitcase. The cloud storage would be as a fail safe backup.
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    Cloud Storage

    I am going to be moving to a different country in the next few months and wanted to find a cloud storage solution as a failsafe. While I intend to carry my external RAID drive (it's not very large) with me on the flight (checked in luggage), my and my wife's (she's an artist) Imacs will travel...
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    How do you pack your tech cam when outdoors?

    The DB and my RM3Di are kept separately when taking a flight. The DB, RM3Di, two lenses, Sony A7R3+ ts-e 24, all spare batteries, along with a small macbook air are hand carried in a Peak Design Messenger bag. While the bag becomes quite heavy, airline staff have yet to give me any trouble as it...
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    P45+ night photography problem

    I've noticed the same problem when photographing a scene with certain types of LED lights. I think it may have something to do with the diffuser on the LED light fixtures or the way light is transmitted.
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    Graphics Tablet

    I'm thinking about buying a graphics tablet for photo editing purposes. Figured I'd use this never ending lockdown to learn something new. I photograph architecture and urban landscapes and do all the post work myself on an 27" Imac 5K. The tablet would be useful for burn/ dodge layers and for...
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    Help identify Hasselbad lens

    Can anyone identify the lens in this picture? Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question.
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    Faint white lines in shadow areas

    Great! That dealer is you Doug! I'll email you and Jeff separately. Thanks.
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    Faint white lines in shadow areas

    Can someone tell me what is going on with my P45+? I'm seeing these faint white lines running in parallel to the length of the sensor. They are visible in the shadows but I think they just run across the whole file. I've attached a 100% screen capture in which you can see two parallel lines. Is...
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    Help getting into technical cameras

    One big advantage with the RM3Di is the ability to focus without the need for live view. You can focus very accurately with a laser rangefinder and charts for each lens. Add the Lumariver DOF app and you have very accurate understanding of DOF for each shot. This was a key deciding factor for me...
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    FS: Schneider Apo Digitar M 5,6/120mm Macro in Copal 0 shutter

    Hi Peter, Is this lens somehow different from this Schneider 120 5.6 Digitar listed a few years ago? I see that one says 48 degrees and the other 26. Is it...
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    Technical Camera Images

    I like that you are not afraid of the shadows. I have a bad habit of opening the shadows too much.
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    Tablet viewfinder for Tech Cam?

    It's called Mark II Viewfinder App. I use it extensively with the RM3Di and P45 back, the film 4x5 and even with the Canon 6D.
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    Garage Sale: Phase One, Arca Swiss, Fuji GFX, Rodenstock

    Arca Swiss Rodenstock HR Digaron W 5,6/90 mm Copal, R -bayonet Is this the SW version with a 120 mm image circle?
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    Arca D4 Users, looking for your feedback

    The geared D4 is the best tripod head I have ever used. I used to have a 410 before switching to the D4. It's fantastic!
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    Carry on bag for tech camera

    Thanks for all the great advice! I think the trick is to start with a bag that looks like it is smaller than the airlines requirements. The Think Tank Security is a great bag (I've been using mine for 8 years or so) but it is 55cm long which looks quite big. A smaller bag may not invite further...
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    Carry on bag for tech camera

    I recently took a flight from Delhi to Dhaka on assignment and had to argue with the ground staff over both the weight and size of my carry on bag. I had a Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 with the following: - Arca Swiss RM3DI - SK 35 and 72 - 4 batteries - viewfinder, cables etc - laser range...