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    FS: Mamiya/PhaseOne DF+ Camera Body

    $950 OBO Mamiya DF+ camera body works perfectly, is in great "like new" condition Pulled from Leaf Credo-80 kit well maintained in studio entire life Original owner since new This is exactly the same DF+ camera body as the PhaseOne branded body, only because it came with a Leaf Credo, it says...
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    Mamiya DF+ Camera Body

    $1750.00 USD Latest camera body before the XF came out Excellent front-line camera or backup to XF for all PhaseOne and Leaf digital backs I have 3 of these DF+'s and only need 2 (traded Credo80 for new IQ3/XF promotion) This one says "Mamiya" on it but is identical to my PhaseOne DF+ Works...
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    Schneider-Kreuznach 40-80 AF LS f/4-5.6

    Insanely great lens! Extremely sharp edge to edge throughout its range. (PM me for example pics) I have replaced with primes so no longer need this beauty. Like new condition with box $4200.00 US free shipping and includes PayPal fees to CUSA
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    FS: Schneider-Kreuznach 40-80 f/4-5.6 LS

    Insanely great lens! Extremely sharp edge to edge throughout its range. (PM me for example pics) I have replaced with primes so no longer need this beauty. Like new condition with box $4200.00 US free shipping and includes PayPal fees to CUSA
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    New to A7R3 need advice on connection problem

    OK, so failure to launch testing the pixel shift option today 1. Downloaded the "Imaging Edge" software for Mac 2. Turned the camera to USB Connection to "PC Remote" 3. Checked operation and connection using CaptureOne v.11.1 all good 2 go 4. Quit C1v.11.1 5. Launched Imaging Edge Remote App...
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    Mamiya DF+ Camera Body

    Solid well maintained DF+ camera body with EJJI Battery and Charger $2150-OBO includes Paypal fees, insured shipping in Cont. USA
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    Canon Gear FS

    Selling Canon Gear: 5DSR used as backup in Still Life studio Shutter Count: 8209 Price 5DSR Body Only: $2,250.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new Camera is a 10, everything else is a 9 (shows wear but is operationally perfect) Shipping...
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    FS: Mamiya DF+ Camera and 40-80LS Lens

    Doing some house cleaning before new arrivals for new studio! Mamiya DF+ Camera body with EJII Li-ion battery and charger $3000 OBO Schneider-Kreuznach 40-80LS AF (not "blue ring") $5000 OBO Just thought I would get this out there if anyone is in the market for either of these. I will...
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    Finally a "proper" stackshot/viewcamera combo A friend of mine just worked with Cambo and developed this I am told I tried to build something like it years ago with my Ultima In any case, this gives the best of both worlds in my opinion as it combines the precision of the cognysis...
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    PhaseOne IQ140/DF+/80mm LS Kit $8000 OBO

    Great deal on PhaseOne IQ140 Kit Includes Pelican case, DF+ body, 80mm LS, battery, charger....etc Pristine condition, purchased from Capture Integration 1 year ago, lightly used in product studio Make Offer! Pictures coming soon Bid with confidence, I have excellent references and track...
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    Broncolor Gear For Sale!

    I am beginning my sale of Broncolor lighting gear There will be more coming soon but for now I have: (2) Unilight 1600ws heads $900/ea (1) Pulso 2/4 head $750 (1) Optical Spot Attachment $950 (1) Flooter-S $1000 (1) Pulso Spot 4 Fresnel...
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    Cambo Ultima 23D M-mount system and lenses

    I have for sale, in pristine condition a full MFD view camera system including: -Cambo Ultima 23D View Camera (M-Mount for PhaseOne/Leaf backs) with standard rail -16.5" Extension rail -Wide Angle Bag Bellows -Standard Bellows (SF-62) -Compendium Lens Shade (UL343) Lenses: All lenses come...
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    Leaf Credo 80 / DF+ / 80mm LS

    For sale in pristine condition I have: Leaf Credo-80 digital back Mamiya DF+ Camera Body SK 80mm LS F2.8 Batteries/Charger...kit etc. $14,500 OBO All gear is up to date, light use, well maintained and clean. I am original owner purchased new I will add pictures asap PM or email me if interested
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    New EIZO CG2420 Monitor is money well spent!

    Our NEC PA monitors were coming to their end-of-life in the studio and needed new color correct high-end monitors. I called Lance at Digital Transitions and he pointed out a fantastic new monitor just released from EIZO called their CG2420. They weren't even shipping yet but Lance got us one of...
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    Trade Leaf Credo 80 for IQ180

    We have 3 MF cameras, two are Phase One and one is a Leaf Credo. I am considering trading our perfect condition, like new Leaf Credo-80 for similar PhaseOne IQ180 back so we are all on the same page for color and camera controls in our studio. Anyone interested in such a trade please contact...
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    C1 v9 problem help! :)

    Hi I have a weird problem that started yesterday with a session in Capture One v9 My camera (a IQ250/DF+/80mm combo) connected via USB3...etc The session went fine shooting some staff photos (the camera locked up several times, but we are used to that with this the back tends...
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    Phase One Flex Adaptor for Sinar

    Hi I have an original Phase One Flex Adaptor with ground glass and magnifier for Sinar mount It is set up to mount Mamiya (PhaseOne/Leaf) backs, I used it in studio only mounted to my Sinar P2 and Leaf Credo 80 digital back It is in mint condition Very nice unit, I am not using it anymore, not...
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    Credo WS

    My studio is considering purchasing another digital back for certain assignments related to both product work and outdoor landscape/architecture work. Up until now we have been mostly sold on a Credo-40 (we have numerous camera systems all use Mamiya mount). I am interested in user's opinions...
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    17 TS-E and PhaseOne recommendations

    I have PhaseOne IQ250 and Leaf Credo80 I have Mamiya DF+ camera bodies and a Cambo 23D tech camera I also have Canon dslr gear including a 17mm TS-E lens and have heard I can use it for medium format. My question is this: "how do I use the 17 mm TS your lens with my medium format digital...
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    PCB WhiteLightning Strobes and Receivers

    -(2) X3200 Lights $380/ea -(2) X1600 Lights $300/ea -(6) CSR+ CyberSync Receivers (AC powered) $65/ea Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: Shipped insured UPS or FedEx Ground in ContUS (If outside US, PM me for shipping price) All in...