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    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    If you want to get even close to resolving the MP of your high-res camera (whether small format, MF or whatever) in terms of 'real' data you need to use a tripod. A large tripod. A large tripod with a sturdy head. A large tripod with a sturdy head and weighted down. A large tripod with a sturdy...
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    What Scam Techniques have you seen?

    Yup, never use PayPal F&F or any equivalent 'cash' transfer service. I've always found that asking lots of questions soon roots out the scammer from the genuine seller. Particularly technical questions. Or irritating ones like asking for a RAW file from (e.g.) the camera so you can check the...
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    Cambo Viewfinders

    I've never used the A/S finder but always thought that it looked like a great solution to the viewfinder problem, and optically it's reputed to be top notch. Another great design by the late Martin Vogt I suspect.
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    Cambo Viewfinders

    Oh yes, my bad - I meant the 580 - didn't know there was a second viewfinder so take my comment with a pinch of salt, the 1080 may well be a different beast altogether.
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    Cambo Viewfinders

    Yup, I'll second that - the WRS-1080 WRS-580 made my eye water (literally) when I used it, it was that bad - IIWY I'd try and find a Linhof or Alpa viewfinder and adapt it to mount on your Cambo.
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    Making a custom Alpa-Hasselblad V film adapter. Can you take some measurements for me please?

    This is info supplied by Alpa to someone on GetDPI / LuLa (IIRC) (and used to be on their old website too I think - but could be wrong) so I'm just re-presenting something already in the public domain. Anyway, as long as the stated dimensions are preserved, anyone could come up with their own...
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    Making a custom Alpa-Hasselblad V film adapter. Can you take some measurements for me please?

    It's companies that produce knock offs for financial gain that are the real pariahs.
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    Making a custom Alpa-Hasselblad V film adapter. Can you take some measurements for me please?

    A bit of a grey area I suspect - does your design add enough to differentiate it significantly from the original, and thus not infringe any patent (if such a patent exists). My guess is, no it probably doesn't. What you could do, is buy this one from eBay, and then when you receive it file a...
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    Alpa Linhof backs

    I always found the 'legacy' section useful, but on the new site it doesn't appear to have been populated with anything yet. Or I can't get it to work. Functionally, I suspect the new site plays much better with the plethora of devices folks browse the internet on these days. But overall, I'm...
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    sold! 28mm super digitar xl with center filter.

    Well, you live and learn don't you? Never in a million years would I have thought to look on the classified section of eBay for a lens like this. A bit like looking on Craigslist for a Bugatti Veyron.
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    How is Actar 120 compared to Schneider Apo Digitar 120 N / M / ASPH ?

    The 120 Asph is a stellar performer (I believe it's still in production for use in cultural heritage applications, which shows you just how good it is). But to be fair, the M and N are no slouches either. A Cambo dealer might be able to help you out in terms of the performance of the Actar 120...
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    sold! 28mm super digitar xl with center filter.

    All's well that ends well (y) (And for 1750 euros with the center filter it ended amazingly well for someone out there - you don't have another one do you ;)).
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    Schneider Alpa Apo-Helvetar 5.6/48 Pros and Cons

    I don't want to be a pedant, but statements like this are so problematic. What does 'better' mean? Does the 40 play nice with a wider range of DBs? Yup. Greater resolving power wide open? Yup. Stopped down? Nope. Has it less distortion than the 43? Nope. Is it lighter than the 43? Nope. Does it...
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    sold! 28mm super digitar xl with center filter.

    Say someone has a lens like this to sell and looks on the forum for a 'sale' price as a guide, then this thread's not going to be much use is it? Equally, a potential buyer isn't going to find it useful in terms of what the market value currently is, are they? So you sold the lens - good for you...
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    sold! 28mm super digitar xl with center filter.

    Have the forum rules changed? I thought a seller had to clearly state a price in order to avoid turning a 'sale' into a silent auction :unsure:
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    Can any lens be a 'tilt' lens on a Cambo Actus?

    You can tilt any lens. But, when you tilt a lens its IC becomes an image ellipse - so if you have an IC that just covers the sensor size, you may see darkened corners depending on the amount of tilt employed.
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    I have for sale two very popular items. ALPA 12 Max $5,000 and Rodenstock 32mm HR short barrel $7,000. I expect to sell the items individually.

    In the photos you've posted it looks like there's a 17mm multi-use (extension) adapter attached to the lens.
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    How safe is it to buy Schneider lenses on eBay ?

    Comparing eBay to a forum is difficult. Forum sales still have problems, and as a buyer you'll have less protection than on eBay, especially if the seller wants paid by bank transfer or PayPal friends and families. On eBay, it comes down to the history of the seller and the feedback they have...
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    Schneider Digitar 5.6 47mm - Different Versions?

    That's my recollection too, the 47 Digitar was basically rebranded Apo-Digitar at some point, and they ditched the 80's computer font on the barrel. See attached (Apo-Helvetar = Apo Digitar) for some more more info.