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  1. fotoism

    Fuji 18-135mm

    I am looking for user experience on subject lens, positive or negative, especially IQ. Currently I am using an X-T1 with the 16/1.4, mostly for travel/landscape use, and I am wondering if this lens would be a good addition.
  2. fotoism

    Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale: Part 3 (Lot 17)

    This is the third part of my massive sale featuring miscellaneous Telyt and Visoflex related accessories, plus various adapters and extension rings for M and R mount lenses. . . Close-up pictures of individual pieces are available here:!AgFSdv_7MvksgxWQ1WCD4M7RYuwv 1...
  3. fotoism

    Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale: Part 2 (Lots 10-16)

    This is the second part of my massive sale featuring Visoflex housings and bellows (yes, more than one, including a non-Leica tilt-shift bellows). The adapters and other small items will be part 3 of this sale coming out in the next few days. Please remember these are used equipment, so please...
  4. fotoism

    Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale: Part 1 (Lots 1-9)

    I am selling my entire collection of much loved but not so much used Telyt lenses and Visoflex systems. I will start with Telyt lenses. All lenses are registered with Leica and will be de-registered for the new owner. Next will be the Visoflex housings and bellows (yes, more than one). After...
  5. fotoism

    Canadian Rockies - Banff and Jasper National Parks

    I will be in the title national parks in late June this year for a week for the first time of my life, so I need advice from anyone who has been there before, Canadian or otherwise! :) First and foremost I need to know the good spots to take pictures. Not the average tourist pools but a little...
  6. fotoism

    X-T1 and auto flash

    I am a long time Leica user and about to go on a month long trip to Asia. My daughter came up to me and said: "Dad, why don't you take my X-T1 instead of your M8?" So here I am, a brand new X-T1 user trying to learn as quickly as possible a totally new camera. Following the user manual I was...
  7. fotoism

    Capture One 8 is out

    Kinda guessed it when all those C1v7 sale offers came out.
  8. fotoism

    D3200 with Leica lens

    Lately D3200 price has dropped below $500 (with kit lens) and that got me thinking if it's a good idea to add it to my Leica system as a carefree body. Are there good quality adapters you would recommend for M, R, and Viso mount lenses to be used on the D3200? I understand it will be manual...
  9. fotoism

    Capture One missing curves

    I cross-posted on another forum in the hope that I will get help from as many people as possible. Here is my problem: I have been using Capture One on my Win XP machine for a long time (moving up from C1-3 to the current C1-5.2.1) with no major problems. Then I built a new computer with Win 7...
  10. fotoism

    Capture One v.5.1.1 available

    Not much for M8/M9/X1 users, but maybe useful for others.
  11. fotoism

    PC and monitor advice please?

    I am thinking of building a new PC to replace the one I am using, a Pentium single core machine several years old. It is becoming painfully obvious trying to push my M8 DNG files thorugh C1 and CS4 is unhealthy, for me and my computer.;) I built PC's before but there are so many things to...
  12. fotoism

    LTM adapter for CV15

    I have 3 LTM adapters for my CV15 to go on the M8 - one is a Leitz, one is a Voigtlander, and one is from heavystar, but none of them allow me to line up the dot on the lens at 12 o'clock. The closest I can get is between 11 and 12 o'clock. Aside from the odd look I don't know if the...