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    FS: Mamiya-Sekor C 45mm 1:2.8 N

    Hi there, I'm selling a Mamiya-Sekor C 45mm 1:2.8 N with the rubber lens hood. The lens is in very good condition, both technically and optically. The focus ring is a bit on the stiff side. There are signs of usage on the lens hood. Comes with front and rear cap. Asking price: 380 EUR +...
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    FS: Schneider helical focusing mount size 0 (Cambo, Alpa, ...)

    Hi there, I'm selling a Schneider Kreuznach focusing mount for lenses with Copal #0 shutter size. Originally, a Digitar 80mm was mounted with it. The focusing mount works smoothly and has a few signs of use which do not impact its functionality. I'll post some pictures as soon as possible...
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    WTB: Cambo WDS 4x5 back

    Hi there, I would like to buy a Cambo WDS 4x5“ Ground Glass back. Thanks for looking!
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    Found, thank you!
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    Question about Mamiya 645 1000s [solved]

    Hi there, I recently bought a few nice Mamiya lenses and now got also an analogue body - the Mamiya 645 1000s - to use them with film. Now I do have a question, it might be a dumb one, but maybe somebody can help me: After I release the shutter, I cannot rewind the mirror, the lever is...
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    SOLD: Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Digitar 35mm XL for Cambo + Centerfilter

    Hi there, I'd like to sell a Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Digitar 35mm XL for Cambo + Centerfilter. The lens is in very good condition, the glass is clean, the shutter works accurate at all times. The aperture dial is a bit stiff, so it's harder to move than on my other Copal shutters, but changing...
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    Found, thank you.
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    FS: Cambo viewfinder masks SK47mm XL & SK 80mm XL

    Hi there, I have four Cambo viewfinder masks for sale. They fit to the Cambo WDS-580 viewfinder: SK47mm XL - 1 mask for 4x5", 1 mask for 6x12cm SK80mm XL - 1 mask for 4x5", 1 mask for 6x12cm I'd like to have 120 EUR + PP/ Shipping for the four masks. Thanks for looking!
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    Found the camera, thank you!
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    Sold, thank you!

    Sold, thank you!
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    FS: Schneider Kreuznach Apo Symmar 180mm 5.6 MC in Prontor Prof. 1

    I would like to sell a Schneider Kreuznach Apo Symmar 180mm 5.6 MC in Prontor Prof. 1 shutter. The lens is in very good condition. The glas is clear. The lens has always been in this shutter. The shutter works fine at all times (I have no means to verify it, so this is my judgement based on...
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    please remove

    please remove
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    Cambo WDS-611 Hasselblad V-Interface For Cambo WDS

    Hi, I would like to sell a WDS-511 Hasselblad V-Interface plate for the Cambo WDS. Very good condition. Price: 550 EUR + PP/ Shipping.
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    FS: Linhof M679 / Techno accessories

    Hi there, I'd like to reduce my Linhof M679 / Techno gear. Linhof Bright Screen ground glass The Linhof part number is "021850-S", Full description is "Linhof Groundglass scoring M 679 / Techno, Fresnel, format 49x37 " Very good condition. EUR 500 6x9 film back 001695 Universal-film...
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    Questions on Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm 1.5

    Hi there, 50mm is my favourite focal length, and I am watching the C-Sonnar 50mm already (literally) for years. I could imagine here are some users of it to answer a few questions. I would adapt the lens to mirrorless (Canon RP), and possibly also later on add a Leica M film body. I like its...
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    Size difference: Cambo WRS-1200 vs WRC-400

    Hi there, I am currently thinking of adding a smaller Cambo camera to my kit and I was wondering about the size difference of the WRS-1200 vs the WRC-400. Is it significant? I guess it's unlikely someone here has both of them and can take a picture... In general, the movements of the WRS-1200...
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    Hasselblad C-lenses: Using the timer with digital back

    Hi there, I have one question: is it possible to use the timer of the Hasselblad C-lenses with a phase one digital back? So far, I couldn't get it to work. I both tried the 0 latency as well as normal mode, and a wake-up-cable and regular sync cable. Am I overlooking something? Thank you!