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  1. dj may

    AI landscape photography prototype

    After several years of work I and my collaborators now have a working prototype of an AI landscape photography solution. It is a solution consisting of cameras, lenses, computing devices, actuators and energy sources. The prototype is a power-hungry and heavy hardware/software solution. The...
  2. dj may

    Leica S3 released today March 6, 2020 - new review

    My review for the Leica S3 medium format digital camera is here.
  3. dj may

    New Leica S3 camera review

    Read my review of the Leica S3 here
  4. dj may

    Loss of acuity with 10 stop ND

    I have used 10 stop ND with different cameras and lenses. Consistently, the images are softer than with no filter or with a 5 stop filter, which is to be expected to some degree. It is not related to exposure duration. If I make a two minute exposure with no filter, it is sharp; a two minute...
  5. dj may

    Elbows in the museum

    Kunsthaus, Zurich