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    Cloud Storage

    I am going to be moving to a different country in the next few months and wanted to find a cloud storage solution as a failsafe. While I intend to carry my external RAID drive (it's not very large) with me on the flight (checked in luggage), my and my wife's (she's an artist) Imacs will travel...
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    Graphics Tablet

    I'm thinking about buying a graphics tablet for photo editing purposes. Figured I'd use this never ending lockdown to learn something new. I photograph architecture and urban landscapes and do all the post work myself on an 27" Imac 5K. The tablet would be useful for burn/ dodge layers and for...
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    Help identify Hasselbad lens

    Can anyone identify the lens in this picture? Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question.
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    Faint white lines in shadow areas

    Can someone tell me what is going on with my P45+? I'm seeing these faint white lines running in parallel to the length of the sensor. They are visible in the shadows but I think they just run across the whole file. I've attached a 100% screen capture in which you can see two parallel lines. Is...
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    Carry on bag for tech camera

    I recently took a flight from Delhi to Dhaka on assignment and had to argue with the ground staff over both the weight and size of my carry on bag. I had a Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 with the following: - Arca Swiss RM3DI - SK 35 and 72 - 4 batteries - viewfinder, cables etc - laser range...
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    IQ2 series live view with a technical camera

    Does anyone have a video of how live view would work on the IQ2 series and a technical camera? I've been using a P45+ with an RM3Di and love the results. The work flow is frustrating though and I'm having trouble with the firewire connection to my laptop for tethered shooting. It keeps...
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    Looking for advice on a new lens

    I'm interested in adding a new longer lens to my kit and I was hoping for some advice. First a little background. I'm an architectural photographer working with an RM3Di and a P45+ back. I have two lenses for this camera; a SK 35xl and a SK 72xl. I also shoot quite extensively with a 4x5 for...
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    Hyperfocal distance and CoC

    I've only recently starting using hyperfocal distance focusing in my work. :banghead: But better late then never! When using the Arca Swiss VarioFinder (with an RM3Di and P45+) with the little hyperfocal drum, it gives me the following measurements: SK 35 5.6 8...
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    Warranty for Phase One P45+

    The warranty on my recently purchased P45+ has expired. The new warranty costs about $1500 a year. Before I drop even more cash, I thought I'd check with fellow P45 users on their warranty experiences. Is it worth getting? Thanks in advance.
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    film back on RM3Di

    Is anyone using a film back on their RM3Di? I'd love to know which back you are using and what your thoughts are on it.
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    New 5K Imac plus storage question

    Does anyone have thoughts or experiences to share on the new 5K Imac screens? I'm an architectural photographer and have been working off a late 2009 Imac for the last 7 years. The computer runs just fine, although quite slow, but I'm running out of storage despite the cd drive with a second...
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    RB67 ProSD film back stuck

    I bought a RB67 ProSD film back to use with my RM3Di. The film back seems to be stuck. The winding lever will not move and the red exposure counter seems stuck as well even though there is no film loaded. Is there any way to reset the back? Or does it have to go in for repairs?
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    Fuzzy halo around lights

    I'm working on a shoot at a small clinic and am finding a hazy halo around the ceiling lights. My Canon 6D has a 24 TS-E lens with a circular polarizer on it to cut the reflections on the floor. The haze is there even without the polarizer. It could be the light fixtures themselves as they have...
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    Tether a P45+ with OWC's new Thunderbolt 3 dock?

    I just saw an announcement for this new OWC dock: It has a Firewire 800 port. So does this mean that one would be able to tether a P45+ and have effective live view with a new Macbook? I suppose...
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    Shanghai and Beijing

    I have a business trip to Shanghai coming up and was wondering if someone could guide me. - Looking for a good photo store. Mostly to browse but I need an SD card or two. - Any great spots to shoot architecture. I've downloaded an architectural guide to the Shanghai as well. - Any other...
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    120 on an Arca RM3di

    Can someone advise me on putting a 120 film back on an Arca RM3di? Arca doesn't seem to make a film holder so what would one use? And what adaptor plate would one need? thanks!
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    Arca Swiss Universalis

    I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the Arca Swiss Universalis system. I've been shooting 4x5, Sinar F2 and Chamonix 45n2, for a couple of years (mostly architecture). I also use a Canon 6D and a TS-e24 for commissioned work. The process of image making between these tools is...