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  1. biglouis

    Tempted, very tempted... GRIIIx

    Gotta hand it to Ricoh. I think they are beginning to build momentum for the GR. My hand keeps on hovering over the pre-order button. 40mm equivalent fixed lens. Plus an adapter that increases it...
  2. biglouis

    Wildlife Photography

    I'd prefer a dedicated section but here we go. I am genuinely interested in suggestions/tips for future opportunities. I took this yesterday morning. Obviously, it was a 'grab shot' in the sense I could just about anticipate what was going to happen but getting my lens onto it was all I could...
  3. biglouis

    Add a dedicated Wildlife section

    One area of photography which I think it would be interesting to make 'cross camera' is a dedicated section on wildlife. I'm not aware such a section exists on GetDPI (in case I have missed something please direct me to it). It is a popular genre and I would be interested to be able to see...
  4. biglouis

    FS Fujfilm GF 45-100 f4 - Like new boxed complete - UK sale only

    Selling my 5 month old Fujfilm GF 45-100 f4 for the GFX system. This is a 'like new' lens, looking in Lightroom I have only ever taken 185 photographs with it since I purchased it in December 2020. The glass is perfect, the front element was protected with a 82mm filter (not included) since...
  5. biglouis

    XF 200mm f2 plus TC1.4x at all time low in the UK

    I've been round and round on a decision over a dedicated prime wildlife lens over the last year or so because the one lens I would have liked to own I felt was massively over-priced: the XF 200 f2 with 1.4x TC. Park Cameras is currently selling them in the UK for £1900 off the current RRP of...
  6. biglouis

    GF 100-200 or GF 250

    Any thoughts from people who own both lenses? The main use would be wildlife portraits. Especially my local foxes. I do use my 45-100 at present but the 100 end is not long enough - although cropping in I still get fantastic detail. I would inevitably use either lens for some landscape and or...
  7. biglouis

    Sigma DP3 Merrill - best of shots

    I thought I would go back through my DP3 Merrill shots to see if I could improve any with the new TopazDenoiseAI software. However, I discovered I never really used the camera beyond base iso and therefore additional noise reduction software was not necessary. Anyway, seemed like a good excuse...
  8. biglouis

    Is this the lens that will save Olympus?

    You gotta hand it to Olympus. Just when everyone is expecting them to become a fond memory they come up with a monster wildlife lens in a compact package. Too rich for my blood but the one additional piece of...
  9. biglouis

    "If Carlsberg Did Cameras..." the Ricoh GR

    I've written a blog piece about my seven years of using the Rioch GR and the successor GRIII cameras, likening them to "probably the best cameras in the world." The article also contains a link to a gallery of my top 100 images taken with Ricoh GR cameras since 2013.
  10. biglouis

    FS Fujifilm GF 45mm 2.8 and Fujifilm GF 63mm f2.8 for GFX system (UK, Europe only)

    1. Fujifilm GF 45mm f2.8 - also excellent (minty) condition with no dings, dents, glass scratched or discernible dust in the lenses GBP 800 + £20 Special Delivery in UK and £75 delivery to Europe. Purchased in September 2019 from Park Cameras in the UK. 2. Fujifilm GF 63mm f2.8 - excellent...
  11. biglouis

    GF30mm f3.5, first shots.

    First time out with the GF 30/3.5. 24mm equivalent is one of my favourite focal lengths. I've been waiting a long time for this lens and I also have been through mental hoops deciding should I even keep the GFX system. Quite literally the first photo out of the camera. 'HOPE' bridge in Camden...
  12. biglouis

    FS: Fujfilm GF 63mm f2.8, less than one year old, mint-

    Genuine reason for sale: I've just bought a 30/2.5 and I want to release some cash from other GF lenses. I like the 63mm very much but there is too much overlap with other GF lenses I own so it needs to go. I bought the lens as factory refurbed from WEX in the UK. I am happy to provide the...
  13. biglouis

    Some Z6 questions

    I am once again thinking seriously about a Z6+FTZ adapter+Nikkor 500m PF for bird photography (this despite the recent Canon announcements). The real draw is the 500pf which I have liked the look of since it was launched. They are now in decent supply and I can get one if I want it. However, I...
  14. biglouis

    FS Laowa GF 17mm F4 Zero-D Lens for Fujifilm GFX - boxed, mint condition + filters

    Laowa 17mm ultra wide angle manual lens for the Fujifilm GFX50R, GFX50S, GFX100 medium format digital cameras. GBP 800 (currently on eBay for GBP 899 but I'll happily give a discount for private cash sale to members of this group). UK sale only, free delivery - payment by bank transfer before...
  15. biglouis

    FS Fujifilm GFX50R+GF45/2.8+GF63/2.8+GF50/3.5+Laowa GF17mm UK sale only

    After much internal debate I've decided I no longer need my Fuji GF50R medium format camera and lenses. The system is excellent but my commercial/project needs do not need a system this powerful and I'd prefer to release the money invested in the system for other camera purchases. All my...
  16. biglouis

    X-H1, why oh why?

    I decided to get a second X body for a project I've just been appointed to deliver. It is going to involve a lot of reportage at events which cannot be recreated. Nervous that if I relied on my X-T3 alone I'd be taking a risk I decided to get a second body. My choice was to go for the X-H1...
  17. biglouis

    First photos of the GF45-100

    Fuji Rumours showed off the first photographs of the forthcoming GF45-100 zooms and they revealed something I was not expecting, OIS on the lens. When the lens was announced I was a bit 'meh!' but...
  18. biglouis

    EM1X or not - just spitballing

    Just spitballing. I just don't feel I have a satisfying bird photography rig. I've really been round and round trying to determine best bang for buck plus best weight for my age. I currently use the X-T3 and 100-400 and it a good set-up. Far, far better than the G9+200/2.8 I was previously...
  19. biglouis

    The Capture One Conundrum

    This comes up regularly in forums and YouTube. I know it sounds like the title for a 'Big Bang' episode but it is one that interests/concerns me as a Fuji user. The conundrum is whether as a long-time, skills-invested user of Lightroom (in my case since the free beta version) I should convert...
  20. biglouis

    Fuji Experience Comes to London in Winter 2019

    Oops, sorry. Accidentally posted twice. Can't work out how to remove this one.