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  1. fotoism

    DXO Pure Raw

    Do I understand correctly PureRAW gives an error if you try to run it on files (RAW files, not the output files) that were previously processed but now you want to re-process them to see if you can get any improvements? In other words, "virgin" RAW files only.
  2. fotoism


    I am glad our forum found a steady partner for financial support. When I saw “…we ask all commercial entities on the forum to halt their commercial activities…” I want to make sure I am not breaking any rules going forward. I do not own, or am related to, a photography business, so...
  3. fotoism

    NWS 23mm & 110mm APO lenses in Hasselblad V-mount

    They just put it on Kiskstarter here yesterday. Interesting.
  4. fotoism

    Help needed please.

    I do not use Nikon so I cannot help with which system to ditch, but if size, weight, IBIS, and cost are your concerns, it may be worthwhile to take a look at Fuji X-S10 that is due to come out soon and decide if this one will make you want to stick with Fuji. Not a top tier camera in some areas...
  5. fotoism

    New Fuji Firmware Updates Available

    Pleasantly surprised they actually have an update for X-T1.
  6. fotoism

    A major update!

    I concur with other members a dark/darker theme would be nice, but personally I don't like black on white or white on black, too much contrast for my old eyes. A darker shade of gray would be wonderful.
  7. fotoism

    A major update!

    For some people staying in their "comfort zone" is ideal, but I am excited and really looking forward to seeing an evolved new GetDPI site. Thank you to you and your team for your hard work.
  8. fotoism

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    I can finally sleep well through the night, and look forward to waking up in a glorious morning starting a brand new day with a refreshed GetDPI. My most sincere THANK YOU to Olaf and his team.
  9. fotoism

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    Let me say a few words while I still have the opportunity to. I am a very "junior" member here in terms of posting activities, but nonetheless I learned a tremendous lot from all other active members over the years. Words cannot express my dismay when I learned of GetDPI's impending closing. As...
  10. fotoism

    Medium format slides to digital

    Darlene: Could you please tell me what lens you used on your X-Pro3 copying set-up? Thanks.
  11. fotoism

    New Sony APS-C Sensor Coming 43 Megapixel

    My first reaction to the news was: Wow! That's great. My second reaction was: Wait a minute - wouldn't that mean smaller pixels and thus less low-light performance than a, say, 24mp sensor? Nonetheless it will be interesting to see how it performs if it ever made it to the X-H2.
  12. fotoism

    My Digitizing Tools article

    Great information. Can't wait to see the your next article. :salute:
  13. fotoism

    whats with the Dante stuff?

    Back to Dante... With the release of Phase One's XT, I guess Dante's grip is getting tighter and tighter......:ROTFL:
  14. fotoism

    Fuji X Lenses - the 16s and the 90

    It's the Strasbourg Cathedral, west façade.
  15. fotoism

    Fuji X Lenses - the 16s and the 90

    I came from Leica M8 and the lenses such as 15/4.5, 28/2.0, 35/1.4, 35/2.0, 50/1.4 are much smaller. But then again those are manual focus lenses. With the X-T1 and 16/1.4 I do not feel it much bigger or heavier than the Leica set-up to the point that it becomes noticeable in use. With your X-T3...
  16. fotoism

    Fuji X Lenses - the 16s and the 90

    Let me try again.
  17. fotoism

    Fuji X Lenses - the 16s and the 90

    Another example:
  18. fotoism

    Fuji X Lenses - the 16s and the 90

    I use the 16/1.4 on my X-T1 and am happy with it, but I hasten to add I am not a professional and I am not overly technical about my equipment either. Here is one example. Let me know if you want the .RAF.
  19. fotoism

    Good Second Hand Shop in Shinjuku Wanted

    I have not used it but looks like an interesting place to wander around:
  20. fotoism

    Fuji X-H2

    Is this in any way an indication of an up-coming X-H2 (or an improved version of X-H1 over its existing kinks)? Just curious. Mods: Please remove if link is inappropriate.